Keira Knightley Quotes

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This is probably a stupid thing to say, but I never liked being a child. I wanted people to take me seriously. — Keira Knightley (Vogue UK - October 2007)

I don’t want to emulate anyone else. I’m perfectly happy trying to figure out everything on my own. — Keira Knightley (Flare - September 2007)

My life is mad! Quite mad at the moment, but so extraordinary! — Keira Knightley (Flare - September 2007)

On whether or not she enjoys attending celebrity events: I just never feel comfortable. At the parties, I stand on my own, grinning aimlessly, desperate for it all to be over. I can never think of a thing to say. — Keira Knightley (Dolce - February 2007)

On why she didn’t go to the Oscars: And to be truthful, I’m just completely rubbish at those sorts of events. I’ve become completely phobic about the red carpet because you just get so scrutinized and all I think is, ‘I’m going to be in the Top Ten Worst Dressed.’ — Keira Knightley (Dolce - February 2007)

I’m a rather lazy character, so being cast in very active roles is actually rather difficult for me. — Keira Knightley (Cosmo Girl - 2006)

On set I was banned from pouting. I honestly don’t do it to be sexy. I just do it when I’m really concentrating. — Keira Knightley (Elle UK - October 2005)

I have to fight to get what I want. I’m obsessed with showing everyone I’m really not who they think I am. — Keira Knightley (Elle UK - October 2005)

Very few people have chatter me up. Maybe I’m just a sad person and I don’t sit at enough bars. — Keira Knightley (Vanity Fair - April 2004)

I think I always disappoint people. Because they always expect someone very pretty, very done. — Keira Knightley (Vanity Fair - April 2004)