Lil Wayne Quotes

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“So keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“Blind eyes could look at me and see the truth.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“I’m just tryna stay ahead of my shadow.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“If they got beef I’m the meat cleaver.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“You can love me or hate me. I swear it won’t make me or break me.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“There’s no keepin’ up with the brother, man, I can spell my name in burnt rubber.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“I’m sleepin’, I’m dreamin’. I know there’s a better way cause I’ve seen it Lord.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“And my future will be better than my past.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“I’m fishin’ and the b*tches will bite. It’s probably cause my game is Fixodent tight.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)

“Got my tank top top down, it probably ain’t summer, but I ride like that cause I’m hotter than the others.” — Lil Wayne (lyrics)