T.I. Quotes

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See boo, f-ck them girls, I would leave the World ‘fore I leave you. May God say even Eve and Adam ain’t got sh-t on these two. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

This is for the women who man caught a sentence. Who gon’ be there for a minute, but they didn’t keep their distance. They stayed home waiting on the phone and on visit day show up looking good smelling better, playing kissy face. Just wanna let you know we appreciate. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

I’ma love her til she be like that’s enough. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

No matter what may occur in life, everyday with her is like a plus. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

We front row at fashion shows, as well as Sunday morning service. But better days or for worse. If I’m paid or I’m hurting in my pocket. She still got a n-gga back, know that’s for sure. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

My mission’s to purchase Earth for her, present the gifts without the curse. Her pleasure is my purpose, pleasure to be at your service. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

Yes, Valentino blouses, summer houses, cash, check! You can get it you deserve it; flawless diamonds, Louie purses. — T.I. (Got your back lyrics)

Brain so good, could’a swore you went to college. — T.I. (Whatever you like lyrics)

Anytime you want to pick up the telephone. Know it ain’t nothin to drop a couple stacks on you. Want it, you could get it, my dear. — T.I. (Whatever you like lyrics)

Stacks on deck, Patrón on ice. And we can pop bottles all night. And baby, you could have whatever you like. — T.I. (Whatever you like lyrics)