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Matthew Ellis

Matthew Bellis is an experienced writer and literature enthusiast. He holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Harvard University and a Master's degree in Comparative Literature from Yale University, making him highly knowledgeable in classical and contemporary literature.


  • Over 15 years experience analyzing classical literary works and reviewing contemporary novels
  • Cultivated robust expertise on distinguished authors ranging from William Shakespeare to Toni Morrison
  • Leverages background to select resonant quotations and author context explanations for


  • Served as the senior literature editor for The Chicago Tribune for over a decade
  • Wrote reviews on newly released literary works and interviewed rising authors
  • Published writing appeared in The New York Times Book Review and Writer's Digest
  • Currently manages
  • Oversees quote curation and heads quality assurance checks
  • Creates much of the original analysis content published on the site
  • Ensures every quotation provides value by portraying deeper meaning and significance

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