Baby Shower Balloon Decoration Ideas

Sometimes, mothers-to-be just need to jump out of a pregnancy routine, relax, have some fun, and feel love surrounded by their family members and friends. In addition to amazing photo shoots in flowing dresses and taking care of yourself, you can have a stunning baby shower party!

This tender and bright celebration will become even more beautiful if you turn it into a real fairy tale world with a variety of latex, Mylar, LED, bubbles, surprise, confetti, and, of course, trendy chrome balloons!

Check out some balloon décor ideas that will make your baby shower stand out!

Balloon wreath

To create this gorgeous life-size wreath, you’ll need to make a frame; you can use a hard garden hose or a thin flexible plastic tube for this.

Order enough balls of different colors and sizes: for example, you can use pink, silver, and gray items to create a delicate contrasting color scheme for your decoration. Also, you should prepare fresh flower buds to give your décor extra depth and beauty.

Secure the base and start attaching large balloons to it, then fill in the empty space with medium and small inflatables. Use good quality double-sided tape to attach items to each other. After that, decorate your wreath with flowers and greenery in the same way.

Big baby shower balloons

Modern balloons look very cool, and if they are as big and noticeable as these, then they look even cooler!

The best part is that making such decoration is quite simple:

  • choose the shades that best match the color scheme of your party
  • inflate your items (fill them with air, you won’t need helium here)
  • wrap each ball with tulle and tie it with a beautiful ribbon
  • glue fresh flower buds to the bottom of each ball with double-sided tape
  • tie multi-colored ribbon tails to the bottom of your inflatables
  • thread a piece of fishing line through the top of the balloon tulle and hang them all in the air between two immovable objects (pieces of furniture, tree branches, etc.)

Balloon wall decor

Walls like these, if done beautifully, always become the centerpiece of party decor, and baby shower celebrations are no exception! It will allow you to decorate a large wall space and create a backdrop that you can use to arrange a stunning photoshoot.

To create such a wall, you need to get some ready-made or DIY frame for decoration (you can make a square frame out of wood and fasten a plastic mesh to it). Then, attach balls of different colors and sizes (first large, then medium, and finally small ones) to your frame using double-sided tape so that there are no empty spaces left on your wall. Now, decorate the wall with fresh flowers and greenery to make it stand out.

Balloon clouds & rain shower

This is another idea that will help you turn ordinary balloons into amazing and custom decorations for your party!

To create it, take some medium-sized white balloons and inflate them with helium. Then, fasten them together with double-sided tape to make a “cloud”.

Next, prepare your “raindrops”. Use multi-colored paper to cut out some drops (you can write the names of the mother-to-be, coming baby, and all guests on them). Now, take several pieces of fishing line and attach the drops to them at different distances from each other using the double-sided tape.

Finally, attach a line to the neck of each balloon and let them float under the ceiling!

Baby shower bear décor

Prepare about 30 balloons of two or three colors (for example, combinations of white and blue, or gold and black look very elegant). Inflate them with helium and tie a silk ribbon to each balloon.

Now, tie all the ribbons together and fasten them to the teddy bear’s paw. Now, you just have to find the best place for your decoration above your holiday table (for example, a place near the cake is a perfect choice), and it will float in the air above the table, attracting the attention of your guests!


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