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Get to know Cheslie Kryst, her journey towards success, and her current net worth to understand what sets her apart in the world of pageantry, fashion, and legal practice.

Cheslie Kryst is an accomplished young woman known for her prowess in the worlds of law, fashion, and pageantry. She’s made a significant impact on the industry, which is reflected in her current net worth. Dive in to find out more about Cheslie Kryst and her journey.

Early Life and Education

Cheslie Kryst grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and attended Myers Park High School. After graduating from high school in 2008, she went on to study law at Wake Forest University. She graduated with heris Doctorate degree in 2011 and was granted admission to the New York State Bar Association two years later.

Pageantry Career

Cheslie’s pageantry career started in 2007, when she competed for Miss North Carolina Teen USA. She went on to compete for the title of Miss USA at the national competition in 2018 and was crowned as the winner that year.

This marked a major milestone for Cheslie, as it earned her a place in the 2019 Miss Universe pageant. She ended up placing in the top 20 at the pageant and made a lasting impression on viewers around the world.

Fashion Career

In addition to her pursuits in law and pageantry, Cheslie has also established a successful career in fashion. She is currently signed with IMG Models and has modeled for brands such as GAP, Kenneth Cole, and Lord & Taylor. She has also been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour Magazine, and Womens Health.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth estimates, Cheslie Kryst is currently worth an estimated $1 million. This impressive figure is a testament to her hard work and dedication to her various pursuits, as well as the success of the projects has been a part of.

Legal Career

After graduating from law school in 2011, Cheslie began working as a practicing attorney at Poyner Spruill LLP.

She currently works as an attorney for the North Carolina Department of Justice and has made many notable contributions to the industry throughout her career.

Current Endeavors and Philanthropy

Currently, Cheslie is a contributing legal analyst for NBC and MSNBC. She also runs a successful fashion blog called “Cheslie’s Closet” where she offers her readers advice on style and beauty. Additionally, she is involved with philanthropic causes such as the Dream Foundation and has raised over $25,000 for the organization.

Cheslie Kryst’s Net Worth

Comparison with Other Celebrities

Cheslie Kryst’s net worth is still relatively low compared to that of other celebrities. However, her hard work and achievements have made a significant impact on the industry and she continues to be an inspiration for many young women.

In comparison to other pageant winners, Cheslie’s net worth is significantly higher than the average.

Impact of Pageantry on Net Worth

Cheslie Kryst’s pageantry career has had a direct impact on her net worth. Winning Miss USA in 2018 provided her with the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, where she placed in the top 20.

While competing for these titles and receiving public recognition, she gained sponsorships from various brands, including GAP and Kenneth Cole.

This lucrative opportunity gave her the chance to make even more money through modeling and fashion blogging.

Additionally, she won a sizable cash prize for both of these pageants, which further contributed to her net worth. All of these factors have combined to give Cheslie Kryst an impressive net worth of $500,000.

Future Prospects

Cheslie Kryst is poised to continue expanding her influence and wealth in the years to come. As an attorney, she will likely remain a prominent figure in the field as she continues to make positive contributions to the industry.

Additionally, with more modeling and fashion blogging opportunities expected in her future, Cheslie’s net worth could potentially increase even more.

She will also continue to pursue her philanthropic efforts, as she has already raised over $25,000 for the Dream Foundation. With all of these prospects ahead, Cheslie Kryst is sure to have a successful and prosperous future.

The combination of her hard work, success in the legal field, modeling career and philanthropy will surely continue to contribute to her impressive net worth.

Additionally, she may look into pursuing other ventures such as a podcast or public speaking engagements that could further expand her influence and wealth. All in all, Cheslie Kryst is sure to remain an inspirational figure for many young women.


What was Cheslie Kryst’s major source of income during her pageantry career?

Cheslie Kryst’s major sources of income during her pageantry career were sponsorships from brands such as GAP and Kenneth Cole, as well as cash prizes for both the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Additionally, she was able to gain more modeling and fashion blogging opportunities due to her success.

How did her legal career contribute to her net worth?

Cheslie Kryst’s legal career has contributed to her net worth in several ways. Her success as an attorney has provided her with a steady source of income and opportunities, while also boosting her public recognition. She has also been able to use the platform she gained from pageantry competitions to pursue more lucrative legal opportunities.

What is the average net worth of a Miss USA winner compared to Cheslie Kryst?

The average net worth of a Miss USA winner is significantly lower than that of Cheslie Kryst’s. Cheslie’s success in pageantry, modeling, fashion blogging and philanthropy have all contributed to her impressive net worth of $500,000. In comparison, the average net worth of a Miss USA winner is estimated at around $100,000.


To summarize, Cheslie Kryst’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. This impressive figure is due to her successful pageantry career, legal profession, modeling and fashion blogging opportunities, as well as her philanthropic efforts.

She is sure to remain an inspirational figure for many young women in the years to come as she continues to pursue her various endeavors and further expand her influence. With more opportunities expected in her future, Cheslie Kryst is poised to continue achieving success and increasing her net worth even more.


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