How Love for Video Game Heroes Connects People in the Asian World

Video games are one of the most popular hobbies worldwide, especially in Asia. Young (and those who feel young) play games to relax and kill time. However, one aspect of gaming is usually overlooked. Online games are great for socialization. Don’t get us wrong; nothing compares to hanging out with friends in person. But it would be silly to neglect the pros video games offer to those seeking friends. It’s common for people who’ve never seen each other to become good friends after hours of playing together. Still, rare people realize that video games can help people find love.

In the Cyber World: How to Find Your Love

Asians are famous for being good gamers. It’s not surprising that most single people there play video games. As mentioned, it’s common for Asian people to meet friends through games, but lately, some use them to seek love and hookups. It’s still a bit weird to flirt with other members in the lobby, so we don’t suggest doing that to those who want to stay in touch with other people. However, video games indirectly help Asians meet partners.

Mention what games you play in profile description, or say you play video games. That helps the matchmaking algorithm connect you with other players. Even if you join the worst site that still doesn’t use modern algorithms, other people will read you’re a gamer. That will make those who share your interest send a message.

It works on the most popular platform for those seeking an Asian hookup too. Even though singles don’t join to start serious relationships, the shared passion for gaming is a great topic to start a conversation. And everyone there expects flirting, which isn’t the case at game lobbies, so you won’t seem creepy.

How Does Love for Games and Heroes Impact Relationships?

You can tell a lot about someone just from looking at the video games they play. If someone prefers slow, relaxing games, it’s easy to assume they live a busy life and use games to counter it. But if you’re a GTA fan and you keep seeing that cute girl in the game every time you log in, you can assume two things. First, she’s probably young (under 40). Second, she prefers exciting activities, especially if you see her in deathmatch lobbies. That might not seem relevant for a relationship but think twice.

Being with someone who plays fast, exciting video games means they’ll want to do similar things in real life too. Such things are more relevant for love seekers.

Asian Video Game Heroes Everyone Dreams Of – TOP 5

Most video games don’t have Asian heroes, so it’s nice to see when successful titles include Asian individuals. We’ll list the top 5 video games with Asian protagonists. You’ll easily relate to them. Or you’ll wish to be them, which is possible if you start playing those games.

Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs is an Asian undercover cop who had to work his way up in the gang world. It’s arguably the most famous Asian video game character.

Morgan Yu from Prey is a true hero. You’ll enjoy being one of the people who survive when hostile aliens attack Talos I. Learning new skills and gameplay are as good as you’d expect from Bethesda.

Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series needs no introduction if you ever had a PlayStation2. He’s a guy who ends up in jail for crimes he didn’t commit. Since he’s a Yakuza member, it’s implied that he wants to set the score after exiting the prison.

Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge is a parkour wizard whose movement keeps people entertained for hours.

Chun-Li from Street Fighter isn’t the main character in the game, but she inspires many female Asians. More importantly, it visits the dreams of millions of Asian men. Her appearance and fighting skills are responsible for her popularity.


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