How To Feel Good In Your Own Skin

Feeling good in your skin is important for navigating life confidently. There may be instances where you don’t particularly feel confident because of illness, conditions, life events such as accidents that may leave you injured, and weight issues, for example. There are different ways that you can feel good in your own skin as long as you’re intentional about it, and here are some of the ways that you can try:

1. Practice Quality Hygiene 

Hygienic practices, if turned into a lifestyle, help you feel good in your skin. The different hygienic practices to turn into intentional daily habits include;  

Morning Baths  

Taking a bath or shower each morning may help you feel good in your skin. After an evening of sweating and re-regulation of the skin, a bath helps cleanse the sweat and dirt accumulated as you sleep. Your pores open up and your skin breathes, meaning you feel refreshed and feel good in your skin. Consider using organic soap and shampoo to reduce skin reactions risk.  

Regular baths also help you notice any irregularities you may have developed on your body, meaning you see more of your body issues and help you manage them.  

Moisturize Your Skin 

Moisturizing your skin after a bath helps with soothing and provides a layer of protection over the skin. You can try different lotions which have fragrances that help to boost your moods, such as lavender or coconut.  

Dress Well 

Dressing up helps you to feel good in your skin because it helps boost your confidence. Consider experimenting with different colors and fabrics which feel good on your skin. Avoiding materials such as synthetic or woolen items may help reduce the skin’s itching and redness. Materials such as cotton may feel more comfortable on the skin.  

Comb Your Hair 

A combed head may help you to feel comfortable in your skin. You can enjoy different cuts or hairstyles by experimenting and finding the ones that complement your style and personal preference.  

2. Drink Water 

Drinking water helps your skin remain hydrated. Dehydrated skin feels scratchy, heavy, and can be irritating. You can tell whether your skin is hydrated or not by pinching it with your two fingers. If the skin remains pinched for a few seconds, it becomes dehydrated which requires immediate hydration. When hydrated skin is pinched, it immediately returns to its elastic state.  

Different studies suggest the number of glasses you need to drink daily to stay hydrated. However, there are other ways that you can enjoy hydration throughout the day. For instance, fruits contain levels of water that your body will absorb. You can also create healthy fruit juices in the comfort of your home. The water intake process is a bit more enjoyable, particularly for those who find drinking plain water tedious.  

3. Get Regular Massages  

Regular massage treatments may help you feel good in your skin. Massaging helps blood to circulate throughout your body and is a relaxing process. Essential oils are applied to your skin during the process, and the scent makes the massage all the more enjoyable.

Consider scheduling regular massage appointments and discover the types of massages that leave you feeling good in your skin. You can also purchase the essential oil you’ve enjoyed during the massage sessions and self-apply them at home for continuous enjoyment.  

4. Exercise  

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Exercising is one sure way of circulating blood throughout your body. Your skin benefits from the blood passing through the veins and the toxins that are released through sweat. You can explore different ways to exercise including going to the gym, dancing, walking, running, jogging, and swimming. Daily habits such as walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator also count as exercise if you find that you’re pressed for time. 

If you consider taking part in extreme exercise such as mountain biking, you should consult your doctor first. They’re in a position to advise whether you can partake in extreme sport based on your medical history. The goal is to facilitate blood circulation throughout your body so that you feel good in your skin and can make basic exercise a lifestyle.  

5. Eat Healthily 

What you eat has a direct effect on the quality of your skin. For instance, fatty foods have a high risk of clogging up your pores and restricting blood circulation. You may begin to feel uncomfortable in your skin as a result. Eating fruits and vegetables is one way to be healthy. Also, be mindful of the cooking methods and utilize methods such as grilling and boiling as an alternative to frying.  

6. Practice Self Affirmations 

You may have the healthiest skin but outward health doesn’t necessarily mirror inner happiness. As you take care of your skin, you need to take care of your mental and emotional wellness for you to fully feel good in your skin. 

Self-affirmations are positive statements that may help to shape your thinking and self-belief. Self-affirmations include telling yourself that you’re indeed healthy, have peace, and are mindful of all the dynamics of life to be grateful for. It’s easy to fall into a trap of negative self-talk where you doubt your abilities or compare yourself with seemingly more ‘successful’ people. The problem with such a downward spiral is that you deviate from feeling good in your skin which can go beyond outward appearance. 

Should you find that you’re constantly in a state of negative talk, consider speaking with a therapist. You may find that you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, which negatively shapes most of your perceptions. During therapy, you’ll get the tools that will help you to enjoy being in your skin such as journaling, meditation, talking, and new skills that can enhance your appreciation of daily living. Only after seeking such guidance, you might be able to fully feel good in your skin. 


Feeling good in your skin is an intentional lifestyle. Consider practicing hygienic practices daily, which help enhance your skin health. Drink water regularly, enjoy massages, exercise, and eat healthy to feel good in your skin. Your skin is your biggest organ, meaning much attention needs to be paid to it for your wellness. 

Feeling good in your skin also goes beyond the physical as you have to be intentional about your mental and emotional wellness. Therapy and guidance are some of the ways that you can fully feel good in your skin.


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