How to Tell if a Girl Likes You: A Guide for Men

how to tell if a girl likes you: a men guide

Men everywhere often wonder what the tell-tell signs that a woman is interested in them are, alas, the article seeks to shed some light on that issue.

Men wonder and debate amongst themselves the often mysterious and puzzling ways women act seemingly should they seek to express their interest in the opposite sex.

Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars as the famous saying goes. And although both planets are uninhabitable, it is not without the want of human beings trying to conquer Earth’s nearest neighbors, (or in this case, the opposite sex) that a deep understanding of the female psyche can be formed.

It gets even more complicated when you’re talking by text. We’re not going to cover that here, for more info on that check out Beyond Ages’ guide on how to tell if she likes you over text. They go much more in-depth than we do in regards to text messaging.

So apart from a convivial character, avuncular actions, ebullient emotions coupled with loquacious loquacity, how exactly can a man tell if a girl likes him?

Women Touching Men

The power of touch may serve as a pertinent sign of attraction. Consider a mother touching a baby, or, better still in the animal kingdom the therapeutic nature of grooming between males and females. Does the woman enjoy close company? Is there a playful slap of the knee, or a gentle squeezing of the arm?

What Do Girly Antics Mean?

Once upon a time in childhood, girly antics pertained to the stroking of hair, giggling, whispering profusely amongst peers as well as assertively seeking attention. Should those inner-girly-girl antics be brought out again during womanhood, men everywhere ought to take the hint!

Women Making Eye-Contact

As the axiom goes “actions speak louder than words”. And so what is more axiomatically evident of a female interest – an admittedly affable remark, or, a titillating glance of the eyes?

Consider why a person would stare at a raffish rose, or gaze in rapture at the stars at night. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Women Questions Aimed at Men

A silky evisceration of an answer here, coupled with a psychological examination there by a woman many men may find intimidating. However, if a woman is curious enough to ask the questions, logically, she is curious enough to know the answers.

Do Women Listen to Men They Like?

A lack of intelligent, interesting, or serious things to say on the part of the man may lead to a contemptuous shrug, or a mirthless smile on the part of the women.

However, what if the women had even the a small fleeting interest in the same man? Should that be the case then is it not foreseeable that even the most bombastic peroration would be listened to attentively? Hence a woman listening in hard to what a man has to say could serve as a sign.

Why Do Women Play Hard to Get?

Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion stipulates that when object A (in this case the man) exerts a force on object B (in this case the woman), then object B exerts a force which is equal and opposite to object A.

Women above all want to be loved, cared for and treated right but may not make this patently obvious. So putting up a little resistance could in some cases serve as a clarion call for man to investigate deeper, or try a little harder. Furthermore, consider the idea that women who have emotions or feelings for a man are sensitive to that same man’s views and opinions.

Intuition, trust and self-confidence can help guide a man and no “How To” guide can compensate for experience. However, men would do well to take the aforementioned “signs” such as eye-contact and touching as a possible harbinger to female interest.


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