How Much is Robert Wagner Worth? | Revealed

Born on February 10th, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan to a prosperous family, Robert Wagner was raised in Los Angeles and attended Hollywood High School.

His father, William Wagner, worked as an engineer for the county of Los Angeles while his mother Hazel taught acting and dance.

His first film role was an uncredited part in 1951’s “The Happy Years”. Wagner quickly found success in television, appearing on shows like the popular sitcom “It’s a Great Life” as well as crime dramas “M Squad” and “77 Sunset Strip”.

He gained notoriety for his portrayal of Alexander Mundy in the series “It Takes a Thief” and for his performance as Number Two in the James Bond spoof “The Man with The Golden Gun”.

Wagner has been married four times including to actress Natalie Wood, with whom he had two children. He also had two children with his second wife Marion Marshall, and one child with third wife Jill St. John. He is currently married to veteran talent agent, Jill VandenBerg.

Robert Wagner’s Income Sources

A. Films

  1. Notable film roles and performances: Wagner has had a long career in films, appearing in classics such as “The Pink Panther” and “Austin Powers: Goldmember”. Some of his notable performances include roles in “The Towering Inferno”, “A Kiss Before Dying” and the romantic comedy “Hart to Hart”.
  2. Box office successes and financial impact:
  • Film 1: The Towering Inferno was a box office success and earned Wagner $400,000 for his role.
  • Film 2: Austin Powers: Goldmember grossed over $200 million worldwide and Wagner received an undisclosed amount for his role.
  • Film 3: The Pink Panther earned over $250 million at the box office and Wagner was paid $1 million for his part.

B. Television

  1. Notable TV roles and performances: Wagner has had a long career in television, appearing on shows such as “The Love Boat”, “Charlies Angels” and the hit series “Hart to Hart”. He also appeared on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless” for two years.
  2. Ratings and financial impact:
  • TV show 1: “The Love Boat” was one of the most successful shows in TV history and Wagner was paid $25,000 per episode.
  • TV Show 2: “Hart to Hart” was a hit series and Wagner earned $50,000 per episode.
  • TV Show 3: “The Young and the Restless” was a ratings success and Wagner earned $100,000 for his two year stint on the show.

Side Ventures and Endorsements

  1. Side Ventures: Wagner has been involved in various side ventures, including a variety of business activities and investments. He is currently the co-owner of a wine label called “Wagner Family Wines” which produces wines from different regions in California.
  2. Endorsements: Wagner has also had endorsement deals with various companies, including a deal with the clothing brand “Levi’s” and an endorsement for the watch company “Omega”.

Robert Wagner’s Net Worth

  1. Total net worth: Robert Wagner has a total net worth of $60 million, making him one of the wealthiest actors of his generation.
  2. Sources of wealth: Wagner’s wealth comes from his film and television roles, side ventures and endorsements. His biggest source of income is the royalties he receives from his past films and TV shows which been re-aired around the.


Assets Wagner owns several properties in California, including real estate in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He also owns a variety of luxury cars, including a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce.


Wagner’s biggest expenses come from his properties and cars. He also spends a significant amount of money on travel and entertainment, as well as on taxes.

Other Sources of Income

  1. Endorsements and sponsorships: Wagner has had endorsement deals with brands such as Taft Shoes and Honda. He also has had a long-term sponsorship deal with the luxury car manufacturer Porsche, which he has been associated with since the mid-1990s.
  2. Personal investments: Wagner is reported to have invested in many real estate projects throughout California and other states, as well as investing in stocks and bonds.

10 success lessons to learn from Robert Wagner.

  1. Believe in yourself: Robert Wagner’s success story is all about believing in himself and not listening to naysayers who doubted his capabilities.
  2. Surround yourself with the right people: Wagner has surrounded himself with a powerful team of agents, managers, and publicists that have helped him build a successful career.
  3. Believe in the power of hard work: Wagner has earned his success through hard work and dedication to each role he’s taken on throughout his career.
  4. Take risks: Wagner isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to making decisions about his career, which has led to many successful projects.
  5. Step outside your comfort zone: Wagner is constantly looking for new opportunities and challenging himself to try new things, which has opened up many doors for him.
  6. Focus on your goals: Wagner has achieved success by staying focused on his goals and never getting distracted from what he wants to accomplish.
  7. Take advantage of every opportunity: Wagner has taken advantage of every opportunity that has come his way, and it’s paid off in the long run.
  8. Embrace failure: Wagner isn’t afraid to fail, as he knows that failure can teach you important lessons about yourself and your craft.
  9. Develop strong relationships: Wagner has nurtured strong relationships with those around him throughout his career, which has been key to his success.
  10. Persevere and never give up: Finally, Wagner’s story is all about perseverance in the face of challenges, as he has never let setbacks discourage him from achieving his goals.


Did Robert Wagner inherit any wealth?

No, Robert Wagner did not inherit any wealth. He has built his own net worth through his successful acting career and business investments.

Has Robert Wagner’s net worth fluctuated significantly over the years?

Yes, Robert Wagner’s net worth has fluctuated significantly over the years. His wealth was at its peak in 2008, when his estimated net worth was $65 million. However, due to the economic downturn in 2009, Wagner lost some of his wealth and his estimated net worth is now around $60 million.

Does Robert Wagner engage in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Wagner has been active in numerous philanthropic endeavors. He is involved with many charities and organizations, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Red Cross and The Motion Picture & Television Fund.

How does Robert Wagner’s net worth compare to other actors of his generation?

Robert Wagner’s net worth is significantly higher than the average actor of his generation. His estimated net worth of $60 million puts him in a league of his own, with few actors achieving such wealth.

What is the primary source of Robert Wagner’s current income?

The primary source of Robert Wagner’s current income is royalties from his past film and television roles, which have been re-aired multiple times over the years. He also receives a significant amount of money from endorsements, sponsorships and investments.


Robert Wagner is an actor and producer who has had a long and successful career in both film and television. His main sources of income have been through his roles in big budget films, as well as television shows such as “The Love Boat” and “Hart to Hart”.

He has also earned additional income through endorsements and sponsorships, as well as personal investments in real estate and stocks.

Wagner remains a successful actor and has continued to work consistently since his early years in Hollywood.


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