10 Things That Help to Find Inspiration for Writing

Creating a story is a magnificent process that is still unstudied. Writers need only one idea to turn it into an engaging story. Unfortunately, sometimes, even one small idea doesn’t arise in their minds. 

If you already have an assigned topic, it may be hard to develop a story’s opening. A lack of inspiration causes it. To avoid it, check out ten things to find inspiration for writing below.

Bookshelves Exploring

Writers don’t only create stories. They also like reading them. If you cannot come up with some great ideas in your head, feel free to explore your bookshelf. Taking books in your hands and turning the pages, you will recollect everything that you have read and probably gain some interesting ideas in your mind. 

If this doesn’t work for you, feel free to go to the nearest bookstore and check out thousands of new book covers that may evoke new ideas and gain your inspiration. 



Sometimes our heads are merely 100% full of thoughts about things that happen around and problems that we should resolve. Accordingly, there is no space for new ideas to appear. In such a case, you have to refresh your mind and free some space for new thoughts.

The quickest way to get distracted is to have a cold shower. It’s a stressful situation that will drive you to forget about anything that is bothering you the entire day. You can also walk outside, try to resolve a puzzle, or do some exercises to reboot. 


Cannot allocate some great ideas from the stream of thoughts in your head? Try freewriting. Grab a piece of paper or create a new document on your PC and start writing everything that comes into your head. Simple, isn’t it?

There is one important condition. You should write for 10 minutes with no interruptions. Feel free to write down all your thoughts. Then, you will finalize your paper and create a great story.

There is one great online application that can help you type with no pauses. Check out Squibler, the most aggressive app for writers. This application erases the entire draft if you stop writing even for a few seconds. It allows users to set up a session for a particular amount of time so that you’ll be able to download your draft after three, five, or ten minutes, for example. 


If you cannon come up with fresh ideas, do not hesitate to find some on the Internet. There are a lot of helpful posts on the Web that gather tons of college paper and story ideas. Feel free to grab one and develop it into an engaging story. 

You can also use Google to examine college paper writing service reviews to find the best essay writing platform. It can help you create a top-notch paper with no hassle. 


Movies help us dive into new worlds, get through them, and experience new feelings. Movies can become a source of new emotions and thoughts that will inspire and gain your creativity. 

Short Trips

short trip

There is no need to book a ticket to another continent. Nevertheless, if you can do so, it’s great. To get some inspiration, you can walk in a park, visit a place that you’ve never been to in your city, or hop on a bus and have a small trip to your city with some inspiring music in your headphones.


What can be better than a nap in the middle of a crazy day? In case you feel squeezed, take a short break, and sleep for one or two hours to reboot. Let your brain rest so that it will generate some astonishing ideas then.


Meditation is a proven way to make a self-journey and dive deep into your thoughts to get inspiration. Also, it’s a great way to relax after a hard day. 

If you’re a student with a tight schedule, feel free to order essays at Paperhelp, an assignment writing website to not compromise on a healthy rest. If you know nothing about this platform, read the PaperHelp review from a real user. 


Quotations are not only famous people’s sayings. They display the way these people thought by sharing life-changing ideas. Do not hesitate to read quotes and find some that can boost your productivity and bring inspiration



There is nothing bad if you gather your friends together and ask them to help you generate some stunning ideas. The primary benefit of brainstorming is not that other people share their ideas. The top advantage is that your friends can get your idea that seems weak to develop it into something great at first sight.

Bonus Tip

Most people use smartphones and laptops to write their stories these days. One of the things that can help you find inspiration is a bundle of notebook and pen. The feelings of holding a pen in hand, and writing letters on paper can gain your creativity.


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