7 Tips for a Better LinkedIn Profile

Most people on their way up the corporate ladder are well familiar with LinkedIn. It is a social network that also serves a purpose of a career tool. This platform is a place to shine professionally or hunt for talents. Sometimes, it helps to find the opportunity of a lifetime. In other cases, there can be an unexpected carer turn.

For professionals, having their social media up their sleeves is strategic. However, regardless of one’s career objectives, there are different reasons to have a well-managed LinkedIn profile. Each of them proves its benefits.

Why have a LinkedIn account?

  • At times of job search, it serves as a career board. In addition, HR’s duties in most companies include hunting talents here.
  • It is a networking platform for finding professional connections. As a result, people get new connections with fellow professionals.
  • It is a source of knowledge, tips, and hacks in the professional community. The site is as much of an educational resource for mutual knowledge exchange.
  • It is a platform for a personal brand. One can build their reputation here.

At the same time, LinkedIn is not a job board. Some people use it to share their resumes in a more sophisticated way. Writers from professional linkedin writing services can help with a distinguished LinkedIn story. These professionals will do the job for you in no time and spare you stress.

Tips for a Success-Oriented LinkedIn Profile

linkedin profile

#1 Define the purpose of your LinkedIn profile

Based on the list above, it is easy to define the purpose. Some people start registering a profile to seek more opportunities. Others use it for connections. In either case, the profile must be active and organic. Since a person positions themselves as a professional on this platform, all their activity must be related to their field.

However, the purpose of a profile can define how one treats it. For example, it is more original content and posts for personal brand goals. Network-seekers usually engage in discussions and give feedback on attended events. Others ask questions and learn. With a clear objective, it is fine to build a profile.

#2 Do not treat it as a resume

A job platform is one of LinkedIn’s functions. That is why, if one wants to use the platform to its full potential, one needs to do more than registering a profile with skills. A vast part of the social network’s purpose is connecting people. Additionally, recruiters eventually keep an eye on participation in discussions and engaging with interests. So, activity in the network may be another argument in one’s resume. Keep its engagement as if it is a live broadcasted resume.

#3 Focus on your professional persona

Despite being a social network, LinkedIn is a professional space. Sometimes, audiences see a juxtaposition between a professional network and a lifestyle blog platform on Facebook. However, the use of LinkedIn is more specific regarding self-expression.

More specifically, LinkedIn may be the wrong place to express opinions unrelated to your professional field or share personal content. The crowd that follows a person on LinkedIn is not as close friends. So distance and professionalism are the best communication tactics in this field.

#4 Speak from the standpoint of expertise

Expression of opinions is not prohibited on LinkedIn. Here, it just has more rules. One of the go-to ways to express professionally is to discuss ideas, news, and events from one’s professional standpoint. Some personalities on the platform go very creative, doing psychoanalysis for a recent movie’s characters or popularizing their field and making stories about it.

People on LinkedIn are also there to make their profession look cool. They find their circles and open more opportunities with their help. But, again, interest in your subject is the key. Those who express curiosity about what they do find their audiences at ease.

#5 Engage in discussions

This website is not only a platform for content making. It is also an immense and diverse space for discussions. LinkedIn discussions are more professional than Twitter or even Facebook, which are about much more personal stuff.

It is easy to be active in discussions. Search professional groups or organizations you admire, and check what people talk about there. If there’s relevant expertise to share and help others, go for it. Similarly, if questions require thought from someone in the industry, don’t hesitate to ask.

#6 Do not be too serious

As serious as LinkedIn can sound so far, it is still a social network. So add some charisma and personality to your professional image. Feel free to slip a joke here and there. Raise topics that sparkle discussion—the users on this social media are curious and perceptive.

Showing their personality through a professional persona adds depth and dimensions to one’s LinkedIn profile. In addition, the more humane the profile is, the easier it is for new connections or HRs online to find the person and imagine them on their team. 

#7 Be consistent

Social media presence is a full-time job for some people. One can define the frequency of posting and their social media platform based on one’s objective on LinkedIn. Those who want to spread influence and engage broad audiences to follow a content plan and strategize their presence there. However, most users share genuine content that the crowd finds relatable and get connections.

Whatever the frequency is, do not abandon the account. Even if there is little to say, maintain the activity as likes and comments. Additionally, remember to add updates on important career events and share your experience in the industry.

The Bottom Line

The key word to success on LinkedIn is presence. It is the presence of updates in major events. This presence also means expressing thoughts, insights, and ideas in the professional field. Its use is broader than a resume or portfolio; it is one’s professional representation online. Try adding it to your career development tools. The benefits of being out there will not make anyone wait long.


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