Artificial Intelligence Applications in Higher Education

There is a lot of chatter about artificial intelligence and its use in various sectors and domains. The massive shift from on-ground to online education has accelerated further in the past year and is here to stay. 

Similarly, the education sector has also begun to rely on AI for simple everyday activities like sending student mails, downloading class course material, and the like. There is an anticipated heavy use of Artificial Intelligence in higher education in years as they come. 

Streamlined and automatic processes

Artificial Intelligence does have a role to play when it comes to education. More so, as we talk of higher education, AI practices will aid students to enjoy personalized experiences, starting right from the admission procedure to onboarding on the campus. 

Based on a student’s research, habits and ideas, many higher education institutions have begun to rely on AI for their administrative processes to keep their institution running efficiently even when there is a shortage of human resources.

Where I can read more information about AI

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Virtual Study Guides

This one may never be able to come at par with teachers and professors. Still, there are developments taking place in the AI space that hint at a future where students may have virtual study guides. The data scientists have the idea of creating virtual-human-like characters that will talk, teach, guide, and help students get through their assignments and examinations. 

The future is fast-changing, and with most students opting for digital classes, there is a high chance that the adoption of these virtual guides will soon come into the picture and see great importance in the education sector.  

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Smart study guide

We’re fast leaving the days behind when textbooks and guides would pile up around the examinations; we now use computers and gadgets to store our study material, directions, and modules. 

With the further intervention of AI in education, smart study guides will help students select and choose their notes, creating their smart study guide. The guide using AI may breakdown the textbook/module into innovative learning sessions all based on the students’ past activities and learnings

Invisible infrastructure 

Technology does make everything seamless, easier, and possible from the convenience of sitting just where you are. With the advent of AI and its anticipated growth and penetration in the education sector, there are possibilities of an invisible infrastructure in these leading schools and institutions. 

AI can work a great deal and contribute immensely in making the complete institutional experience wrapped on a screen and get students to join and access from where they are, for soon it seems like distance would not matter a great deal. The online courses use AI, which is in the shape of class schedules, modules, and ease in transferring and sharing information among students, teachers and collaborating at colleges. 

Individualized learning 

Artificial Intelligence can help create differentiated and individualized learning methods and experiences for students. Based on the past trends, activity, and patterns of individual students, AI can help monitor their progress, hint them towards the right direction and have these quick bots ready to help a student find the right course materials, study guide, or even perhaps help train the child for the upcoming examinations. 

As AI progresses, who knows, it might also be able to screen and understand facial expressions as they study and offer help to solve them for them. We may not have thought of a personalized syllabus and curriculum. Still, there is great potential and possibility for this to likely turn out to be the future of education.


Artificial Intelligence was invented in the early 1980s, and there has been massive development and uptake in the use of AI in the past few years. We can say one thing – AI is here to stay, and while it is modifying the education sector, there is a lot more in store. The coming few years will show us the benefits and integrated use of technology for better life and study experience. 

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