Best Flirty Quotes for Online Daters

The increased use of the internet has changed the way people date. Online dating has thrived and it has also increased the way people interact. Due to the many social media platforms available, flirting has also changed in the last ten years.

In the past approaching someone at a café or a bar was the thing but today all you need to do to approach someone is just to send a DM through any of the social media platforms available. This has made it possible for people to date across long distances. However, despite the convenience brought about by the internet, you still need to be creative in your conversation.

You should always ensure that your vibe is smart, has humor, and it offers compliments. However, it is also worth noting that you should try as much as possible to avoid pickup lines or catchy phrases because, in the end, those lines will end up sounding cheesy. If you like dating online but you are not good when it comes to flirting, then we will help you with some flirty quotes that you can use and still sound amazing.

Intense Flirty Quotes

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Sometimes you can decide to be extremely flirty. Here are some quotes that you can use.

I am doing some calculations and I could not help but replace X with you and do not ask Y

Whenever I chat with you online at night, you will be surprised that the lights are not the only things that are turned on

Whenever I tell you that you are beautiful I feel that those words are not enough and that is why I have decided to use body language

When talking to you I always have a dirty mind and you are always on it

I can feel your breath on my neck and your hand brushing over my chest. I know you are not here but those are wild thoughts of all the naughty things I want to do to you

Flirty Quotes when in Love


Love is something that has no definite definition. It is not something that can we plan for because it happens without our control but it still happens. The main people most people face when they fall in love is that they find themselves unable to express their feelings towards the people they love. If you are unable to tell someone how you feel, you can DM him or her flirty messages to relay your feelings. Here are some flirty love quotes you can use.

I made a bet with my friends that I can fall in love with the most beautiful person in the world. I would be happy to use their money to buy you some dinner

If you see a big fat man with white beard kidnapping you and stuff you in his bag, do not worry since my Christmas wish to Santa was you

I have just woken up and you are already in my mind

I never really believed in soul mates till I met you. I love you for making me a believer

I always thought I had one heart until I met you. I have one inside me while the second one is you

You give me the kind of feelings I once thought existed in novels and that is why I am so madly in love with you

I have made many mistakes in my life but the one thing I am sure I did right was falling in love with you. Thank you for making me the best thing person I can be

Flirty Quotes to Say to Him or Her

If people were taxed for falling in love, I would be the biggest taxpayer in history

You must be feeling tired today because you have been wondering in my thoughts the whole day and considering what I feel, you will be there for a long time

Since I met you I have always thought about you and the only way to stop myself from going insane is seeing you in person and buying you dinner. What do you think?

I never believed in love at first sight and that is why I need to walk past you again

I never like thinking and I do not think very much but when I think I always think of you

Would you mind if I start calling you Google because you have everything I need in this world.

I was thinking that you should send me your photos because I must prove to my friends that angels actually exist

Final Thoughts

Online dating has taken the world by storm. You should note that some flirty quotes can be as scary as person-to-person flirting. Therefore, you should always be careful and choose your words carefully when flirting online. Remember to be humorous, complimentary, and most of all avoid catchy phrases.


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