7 Simple Tips For Starting Essay With Quotes

Essay writing is already a difficult task by itself. Adding a quote at the start makes it more challenging as it is not easy finding a quote that fits your topic correctly. However, beginning a paper with a quote makes it look more professional and engaging. Buy cheap essays online from Us Essays Writers to get rid of any question related to paper.

Choose Quotations That Fit Your Purpose

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The first and foremost thing to do before inserting a quote in an essay is to consider what kind of tone your essay requires. There are several types—for instance, narrative, persuasive, and argumentative.

So keep in mind as it is significant to choose a quote that fits best according to the tone. After discovering this requirement of the topic, start searching for quotes over the internet.

The web is going to provide you with an abundant amount of quotes. So, in order to trim the unnecessary hedges, try searching specifically by addressing the language requirement of your essay.

For example, is the pen mightier than the sword? Argumentative quotes. This would help you by listing down all the essential content you desire. However, sometimes the internet is of no help when students get assigned a difficult topic to write on. This happens once in a blue moon as the web comprises a vast majority of the content.

It is best to be prepared for all the outcomes regarding situations like these, as college assignments should not be taken lightly. If you run into problems like these, try seeking help from WriteMyEssayForMe, an online site created to satisfy consumer needs.

Consider Your Audience

An essay’s quality is determined by the people who read it. Whether it’s excellent, inadequate, or satisfactory is totally dependent on the audience. Whenever people decide on a quote to start an essay, they always forget one thing to consider, which results in average quality.

Remember, when deciding a quote for your essay, it is essential to consider your audience.  Different aged people require a different writing style. You cannot just assume that your original style would always let you ace your essays.

Maybe in college, it could work because the teacher is already fond of your writing skills, but it would not work in every corner of your life where essay writing is required. For instance, let’s take the example of applying for a college and are required to prepare an essay.

Now college essays need to be perfect in order to implement an excellent impression on their readers. So you are entirely unaware of the person who will read your essay and which leaves you helpless to create a perfect essay.

In situations like these, the best thing to do is change your writing style, which could keep different aged people engaged throughout your essay. Try using quotes that are widely famous for keeping your reader interested throughout the essay, no matter their age.

Avoid Long Quotes

It is an excellent choice to start essay with quote. Several students and people use this technique of inserting a quote at the start of their essays to give it a professional look. However, there is a blunder many of them commit and fail to acknowledge when writing their quote.

Their quotes get too long, comprising two to three lines, which eventually gets boring. It reflects a lousy impression of your writing skills on the teacher as the primary goal of writing an essay is being eye-catchy.

Your essay’s average paragraph should contain about six to seven lines and no more or less than that. If you desire to insert a quote in your paragraph, it should be about one-sixth of your paragraph’s size, which should amount to your quote being about one and a half-line.

Sometimes, the quote consists of four to five lines in its original form. It would be wise for students to rephrase it in their own words and make it short. The words should not be any less than four.

Make sure that your rephrased new quote is making sense as it was in its original form. This would be of great benefit as it would show-off your rephrasing skills in front of the reader. If you need quality help with your college assignments, professionals from writemyessayforme can help you with it.

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Match Quotes with Explanations and Examples

Writing an essay starting with a quote is a common technique used by many people. It has many benefits as it increases your word count and imposes a good impression on your reader about your writing skills.

However, it is necessary to follow some rules which should be considered before choosing your quote; otherwise, it could lead to an omission in your work. One of the significant rules is to match your desired quote with your essay topic while explaining it with examples.

Let us take an example of the quote, ‘A pen is mightier than the sword.’ This quote can be inserted in all the essays with the topic relating to the importance of education. After writing this quote, don’t just start right away with a new sentence or a paragraph.

Explain the quote in detail so that your readers can get the idea of what you are talking about and not that you have just copy-pasted it from the internet. After the explanation, provide your readers with a few examples of the quote for their better understanding.

Remember, it is unwise to rush when it comes to writing quotes. The more the details, the more chances of you creating an excellent essay. Another rule of writing quotes in your essay is to be concise and paraphrase.

Read the quote two to three times, analyze it, trim down the unnecessary part, and paraphrase it. This would help you stay concise while keeping the reader engaged in your essay.

Acknowledge the Source

Starting an essay with a quote is good, but most people fail to acknowledge their sources in the essay. It is unethical not to provide sources when writing a quote in your essay. It is necessary to provide citations of your quotes to avoid the doubt of plagiarism to your readers, as plagiarism is seen as a major disgrace in the world of writing.

Connect To Your Point

An out of context quote implies a wrong impression to your reader, and you certainly do not want that. Connect each dot of your essay. Make sure your written quote matches your thesis of the essay and is presenting or solving a situation.

Don’t Italicize Quotes

It is common among many students to use the italic option when writing a quote. They think it gives their essay a professional look, but in actuality, it doesn’t. It would be wise to refrain from using the italic font with quotes, as it looks sloppy, and many readers dislike it.


If you are writing an essay on a small level, it would be my suggestion to refrain from using quotes. Start with baby steps, then after perfecting them, proceed towards writing with quotes. Hopefully, these tips mentioned above helped you in preparing your top-notch desired essay.


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