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  • Full name: Javarious Scott
  • Born: July 15, 1998
  • Born in: Bogalusa, Louisiana, United States
  • Occupation: American rapper and songwriter.
  • Height: 5ft 9in
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Net worth: $500.000
  1. BABY23 gone be legendary.
  2. I’m eliminating everyone out of my life who ain’t benefiting me.
  3. Pride one of the biggest problems in this world.
  4. Don’t hurt yourself tryna hurt me.
  5. I’m sorry I’ll work harder.
  6. Ain’t nothing wrong with being alone.
  7. Sometimes I wanna get away & disappear no magic.
  8. Music help me with my problems.
  9. Ain’t got no friends with me they burnt they bridge with me.
  10. I ain’t gone never change unless it’s for the better.
  11. Sometime I wanting to cry but I just laugh it’ll get better.
  12. My future so bright. Thank God.
  13. Sleeping by myself help me realize how much I need you.
  14. I break my back for you but you won’t break a sweat for me.
  15. My patience so slim.
  16. Watch the ones around you they hurt you most.
  17. If you don’t go hard behind me you don’t really fwm.
  18. Close friends turn into enemies quick.
  19. My knowledge way too strong to let you lead me wrong.
  20. I see you begging for my attention shit ain’t working tho.
  21. Everytime I took a loss I knew I’ll win again. Ima never change unless it’s for the better.
  22. Stop seeking for attention.
  23. You gone receive the same energy you put out.
  24. Everyday I’m learning.
  25. They don’t understand what I’m going through..
  26. Before I even let you cross me again I rather go be by my lonely.
  27. Everything in life be temporary.
  28. I wish I can get all my time back I wasted.

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