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  • Full name: Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr.
  • Born: October 22, 1998
  • Born in: Compton, California, United States
  • Occupation: rapper, singer, and songwriter
  • Height: 5ft 7in (173 cm)
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Net worth: $1 million
  • Website:

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I’m straight out the mud, I can’t f*ck with f*ck niggas.

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I be feeling like all the love they be showing fake.

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Since I’ve been like famous, I ain’t never like put nobody on a song. I did mixtapes and stuff, but this was like the first real feature I ever put out with anybody.

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Mistakes are meant for learning, not to repeat the same decisions.

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I start to see that shit myself when I got a couple million.

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I ain’t tryna die young so I gotta ride with one.


I’m from the bottom of the bottom, check your sources, baby. I’m a war baby, but I can’t divorce the paper.

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I went through my darkest times alone so I’m sorry if I act like I don’t need anyone.


I was basically saying if he ain’t heard of me, I got a Richard. Richard Mille is a very expensive watch. It’s been trending lately. So if he ain’t heard of me, when I walk past, he’s going to see me. I got this Richard on. He’s going to know who I am. He going’s to know I’m somebody.


When I approach music, it just really just be in me. It don’t be like nothing. I don’t sit there and be like, “Man, this melody.” It just really just be in me to come up with some shit. It ain’t like a thing where I really put too much thought. Some people say that’s not a good thing, but you know, I think it’s cool.


The day I made “Start with Me”, it was, we were just in the lab going crazy. Jetson had sent me the beat and I felt it so I just went in on it, I went in on it.


When you be broke, you tend to wanna do that for some reason.I wasn’t broke growing up, but we ain’t have a lot.


Every time I record, I always spill what I’m feeling that day, you know what I’m saying? I’m not really a type of person to talk to people or share my feelings or nothing like that, so when I’m in the booth, I don’t even really write like that, I just be going off of what I’m feeling or what I’m thinking. So, it be like that.

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