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  • Full name: Ermias Joseph Asghedom
  • Born: August 15, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Died: March 31, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Occupation: rapper, entrepreneur, activist.
  • Partner: Lauren London
  • Songs: Hussle & Motivate, Dedication, That’s How I Knew, Racks In The Middle, Double Up, Last Time That I Checc’d, Grinding All My Life

Nipsey Hussle quotes about love, haters

I really love the culture of hip-hop. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


It’s important to love in hip hop. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Anybody that doesn’t like Cardi B a hater! ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Nipsey Hussle quotes about family, mom, children


As I got older, my pops tried to keep me involved with the culture by telling me the stories of the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, how he came to America, and about our family back home, because all that side of my family – my aunties, grandparents – is in Africa. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I’m touring the world, not doing nothing against the law, getting money to feed my family. I got employees that have felonies, and they can’t get jobs. They work for me. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

The reason children accept discipline from their parents is because they know their parents love them. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


My mom is American, so I was raised in her household in my formative years. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Your parents are supposed to tell you to make decisions that are gonna help you and that’ll have a positive effect on your life and your well-being. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

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Nipsey Hussle quotes about business, success


My experience with power, you can maintain it, or you get it taken from you. You get you some newfound power and go crazy, and it get taken from you quick. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

I’m about seeing long-term, seeing a vision, understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Being self-made means never making an excuse as to why you can’t take steps toward whatever your goal is. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Even as you make progress, you need the discipline to keep from backtracking and sabotaging the success as it’s happening. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


We don’t want to wait on someone to hire us and give us a check. We want to create our own opportunities. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I built a company at the same time I built a career. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick every day. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


You’ve got to have faith in what you’re doing and not take no for an answer. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

To me, respect comes first. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I intend to inspire people with my story: motivate young people that grew up like myself, or even not like myself. Just, you know, go through the human experience. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Hope opportunity don’t knock when opportunists in your group. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Success or greatness come with a roller-coaster ride, anybody can apply the marathon concept to what they do. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Dedication, hard work, plus patience. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take ten forward. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Try to have more faith and less fear, try to express it to your peers, I’m talking about dreams. Better to do it and let it be seen, cause then it’s so clear. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

I just believe in ownership. I believe in investing in yourself. Your foundation should be strong. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


On a mission your worst enemy is idle time. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


As an entrepreneur, as an investor, I’m trying to be as educated as I can to where the progression of technological capability is going and what it does to these different categories that, me as an artist and an influencer, I can get involved and bring value. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Without a game plan and without a strong sense of faith in what you’re doing, it’s gonna be real hard to accomplish anything. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


If you’ve got a plan, it’s not just like a pipe dream. You have a step-by-step list of things to do to get to your goal. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


At the core, one of my original goals is to redefine what the streets expect. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


It sounds simple telling people to work hard and never quit, but to really execute and demonstrate those principles takes discipline and faith. Those are the two factors that I believe separate the good from the great, the successes from the failures. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Thought is powerful in all phases. Even in my career, even in my life, things end up exactly how I visualized them. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I identify myself as a hustler since I was a young kid. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet

Success to me is just being able to do what you love to do and support yourself all through. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Luck is just being prepared at all times, so when the door opens you’re ready. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


One pillar to wealth is having residual income. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I’m at peace with what I’m doing, I feel good with what I wake up doing and about my lifestyle. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


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Nipsey Hussle quotes about black people


Black people in America, people from the struggle, immigrants, it’s no generational wealth that we are attached to, so we are tasked to create – in one generation – closing the gap. That’s why we so Doomsday about getting to the check: ’cause it’s life or death for real. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


When you talk about black entrepreneurship, you’re talking about addressing the foundation of what’s going on with our people when we don’t have any financial power. Our basic needs aren’t being met in a lot of cases, so there’s no way we’re going to be able to tap into our potential until we address those bottom-level base needs. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


As much as I’m a black person from America, I’m a black person from Africa, too. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Neipsey Hussle quotes about music, hip-hop


As an artist, as a brand, as a rapper, as a musician, you know you got a window and a lot of people, even an athlete; they don’t have no exit strategy. It’s just living in the false reality that it’s going to be like this forever. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I realized the power of hip-hop. I realized how influential this music and this culture are. tweet


I try to sprinkle a little gems and jewels in the music that people could use in their own life. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I always wanted to operate at the highest altitude, just in terms of hip-hop and the music. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


My music is influenced by L.A. culture. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


If you’re going to write about rap music and hip-hop, and you don’t love it, then we don’t need your opinion, and we revoke your opinion. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


I really am a fan of Ye’s music. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


Doing music to pay bills is an uncomfortable situation. I never wanted to be in that situation. ~Nipsey Hussle tweet


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