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  • Full name: Nicholas Diego Leanos
  • Alias: Lil Xan, Diego
  • Born: September 6, 1996
  • Born in: Redlands, California, United States
  • Occupation: rapper, singer, songwriter
  • Height: 5ft 9in (1.75 m)
  • Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
  • Net worth: $3 milion

Lil Xan quotes about music


I just wanted to be creative, so I did photography, and that led me ultimately to music. ~Lil Xan tweet

Rapping was a joke, but the music helped me break out of my shell. ~Lil Xan tweet


I grew up loving symphonies. Beethoven is beautiful. ~Lil Xan tweet


I wanna be more of a pop public figure, iconic kinda dude. ~Lil Xan tweet


I like playful beats, xylophones, whimsical sounds of Bobby Johnson productions. ~Lil Xan tweet

All those haters, they don’t understand my music. It’s very unique. And I don’t blame them. Hate my music. But my real cult fanbase, they like the music. ~Lil Xan tweet


I actually always wanted to end up somewhere in music, I just didn’t know what. ~Lil Xan tweet


Tupac is definitely a legend. ~Lil Xan tweet

Lil Xan quotes about family, friends


When I was little, my dad showed me N.E.R.D., their first album, and I thought it was amazing. I thought Pharrell was just killing everything. That was my first introduction to rap. ~Lil Xan tweet

All my friends were rappers, so I just thought I might as well take a shot at it. ~Lil Xan tweet

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Inspirational Lil Xan quotes


School was never for me, kinda. ~Lil Xan tweet

If you were following me since the beginning, you see my journey. ~Lil Xan tweet


I know there are people who are praying for my downfall, but they’re going to be like, ‘Wow, Xan’s actually an artist.’ ~Lil Xan tweet

Positivity over everything. ~Lil Xan tweet

We really need to listen to women more. All of us. ~Lil Xan tweet


It gets better: there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It may take one day, it may take ten years. But one day, you will find happiness if you manifest it. Put that energy out, and it’ll come back. ~Lil Xan tweet


The Internet is a big reason I’ve been successful so far. It’s working for a lot of new wave artists, which I consider myself a part of. ~Lil Xan tweet


I failed every class up until I dropped out freshman year. ~Lil Xan tweet

Xanarchy is like one big family… It’s a brand; it’s a lifestyle. ~Lil Xan tweet


I’ve got so much to show the world. ~Lil Xan tweet


I always wondered what the longevity of the name Lil Xan would be. I always contemplated whether I’d have to change it, but I learned you don’t have to if the formula is working. ~Lil Xan tweet


If I’m going to do something, I’m going to fully commit to something. ~Lil Xan tweet


Anime is something I loved to watch as a kid. ~Lil Xan tweet


I’m still Lil Xan. You can call me Diego if you want. My second album, I’m going to be full Diego. ~Lil Xan tweet


I wake up, usually start my day off with some very unhealthy McDonald’s. ~Lil Xan tweet


If I’m going to do something, I’m going to fully commit to something. ~Lil Xan tweet

Lil Xan quotes from lyrics


When you say you have a hit, that’s never a hit usually. ~Lil Xan tweet


I have not had a pussy taste like Skittles, but I’ve had pussy taste sweet before. ~Lil Xan, And her pussy tastes like Skittles, what? tweet


I wanna blow up or make history. ~Lil Xan, Betrayed tweet


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