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Change Quotes If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living. ~Gail Sheehy

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. ~Gail Sheehy tweet

Change Quotes Change before you have to. ~Jack Welch

Change before you have to. ~Jack Welch tweet

Change Quotes You can't change what happened. But you can still change what will happen. ~Sebastian Vettel

You can’t change what happened. But you can still change what will happen. ~Sebastian Vettel tweet

Change Quotes Money and success don't change people; they merely amplify what is already there. ~Will Smith

Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there. ~Will Smith tweet

Change Quotes Remember that life's big changes rarely give advance warning. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Remember that life’s big changes rarely give advance warning. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. tweet

Change Quotes We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. ~Harrison Ford

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. ~Harrison Ford tweet

Change Quotes They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. ~Confucius

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. ~Confucius tweet

Change Quotes Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. ~Frank Herbert

Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. ~Frank Herbert tweet

Change Quotes Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots. ~Victor Hugo

Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots. ~Victor Hugo tweet

Change Quotes A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. ~Winston Churchill

A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. ~Winston Churchill tweet


Funny change quotes


Don’t pick a job with great vacation time. Pick a career that doesn’t need escaping from. tweet


You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea. ~Pearl S. Buck tweet


If you’re still looking for that one person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror. tweet


People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. ~A. A. Milne tweet


If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry it’ll change. ~John A. Simone Sr tweet


Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. tweet


I welcome change, as long as nothing is altered or different. tweet


Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher tweet


Life is like underwear, change is good. tweet


I’m as single as a dollar and I’m not looking for a change. tweet


Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~Faith Baldwin tweet


Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed. tweet


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Short change quotes


Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ~Carol Burnett tweet


Voting is the only way to make change in a democracy. ~Christine Todd Whitman tweet


Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale tweet


The only way to change is to vote. People are responsible. ~Paul Wellstone tweet


People change and forget to tell each other. ~Lillian Hellman tweet


Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change. ~Barbara Januszkiewicz tweet


Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ~Stephen Hawking tweet


You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi tweet


Change is the end result of all true learning. ~Leo Buscaglia tweet


If there is no struggle, there is no progress. ~Frederick Douglass tweet


There is nothing permanent except change. ~Heraclitus tweet


With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely. ~Sonia Rykiel tweet


I benefit from a change of scenery; it’s always inspiring. ~Kurt Vile tweet


Change comes from reflection. ~Genesis P-Orridge tweet


It’s not the destination that matters. It’s the change of scene. ~Brian Eno tweet


Things don’t have to change the world to be important. ~Steve Jobs tweet


We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the game. ~Randy Pausch tweet


Change is vital, improvement the logical form of change. ~James Cash Penney tweet


Change takes courage. ~Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet


The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active. ~Octavia Spencer tweet


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ~Winston Churchill tweet


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~Leo Tolstoy tweet


What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. ~Plutarch tweet


A lot can change in the editing room. ~Diane Lane tweet


Asking questions is the first way to begin change. ~Kubra Sait tweet


The only constant in the technology industry is change. ~Marc Benioff tweet


I was willing to accept what I couldn’t change. ~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam tweet


It is not strange… to mistake change for progress. ~Millard Fillmore tweet


The reality is that the only way change comes is when you lead by example. ~Anne Wojcicki tweet


What’s dangerous is not to evolve. ~Jeff Bezos tweet


A change in bad habits leads to a change in life. ~Jenny Craig tweet


Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. ~Confucius tweet


Shoes can change an outfit. ~Tina Knowles tweet


Music can change the world because it can change people. ~Bono tweet


I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day. ~Natalie Portman tweet


The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it. ~Flannery O’Connor tweet


I’m very interested in how people change. ~Nathan Englander tweet


Change in all things is sweet. ~Aristotle tweet


You change the world by being yourself. ~Yoko Ono tweet


The more things change, the more they are the same. ~Alphonse Karr tweet


Things do not change; we change. ~Henry David Thoreau tweet


True change takes place in the imagination. tweet


People change, they grow. ~Jacob Young tweet


In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change. ~Thich Nhat Hanh tweet


It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. ~W. Edwards Deming tweet


I always think that change is like a daisy chain. ~Boy George tweet


He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. ~Leonardo da Vinci tweet


Friendships that have stood the test of time and change are surely best. ~Joseph Parry tweet


Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes. ~Hugh Prather tweet


When you blame others, you give up your power to change. ~Robert Anthony tweet


If your life changes, we can change the world, too. ~Yoko Ono tweet


I think daughters can change the perception of their fathers. ~Ruth Bader Ginsburg tweet


Change is always good. It brings you to a new place. ~Lee Ranaldo tweet


If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. tweet


A new car is not going to change your life. ~Monica Ali tweet


All is connected… no one thing can change by itself. ~Paul Hawken tweet


If something is good, it’s always good. You don’t have to change it. ~Tony Bennett tweet


Change alone is unchanging. ~Heraclitus tweet


If you want to make enemies, try to change something. ~Woodrow Wilson tweet


A zebra does not change its spots. ~Al Gore tweet


We cannot change absolutely everything in one season. ~Pep Guardiola tweet


The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions. ~James Russell Lowell tweet


When it becomes more difficult to suffer than to change…you will change. ~Robert Anthony tweet


Dynamism is a function of change. ~Hillary Clinton tweet


A change of scenery can help everything. ~Drew Pomeranz tweet


People change all the time. ~Tony Shalhoub tweet


Change is always a little bit strange. ~Brendon Urie tweet


We’re all going to change. Otherwise, it’s boring. ~Alicia Keys tweet


Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. ~John Wooden tweet


You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler. ~Denis Waitley tweet


All things are only transitory. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe tweet


Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy. ~Rudy Giuliani tweet


Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better. ~Richard Hooker tweet


All I want to do is change the world. ~W. Clement Stone tweet


If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior. ~William Glasser tweet


Excuses change nothing, but make everyone feel better. ~Mason Cooley tweet


Wise quotes about change


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. ~Reinhold Niebuhr tweet


Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something even better. tweet


The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. ~William Arthur Ward tweet


People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires. ~Robert Greene tweet


Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it. ~Bruce Lipton tweet


Learn wisdom from the ways of a seedling. A seedling which is never hardened off through stressful situations will never become a strong productive plant. ~Stephen Sigmund tweet


A heart well prepared for adversity in bad times hopes, and in good times fears for a change in fortune. ~Horace tweet


The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind. ~William Blake tweet


God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other. ~Reinhold Niebuhr tweet


They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. ~Confucius tweet


You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. ~Marianne Williamson tweet


Strong characters are brought out by change of situation, and gentle ones by permanence. ~Jean Paul tweet


You cannot change what you are, only what you do. ~Philip Pullman tweet

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Embrace change quotes


Do not be afraid of change or chaos. Embrace it by being as fluid as possible. ~Robert Greene tweet


Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster. ~Elon Musk tweet


New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach tweet


Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later. ~Bob Goff tweet


A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it. ~Nikki Giovanni tweet


It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. ~Alan Cohen tweet


The minute that you understand that you can poke life and actually something will, you know if you push in, something will pop out the other side, that you can change it, you can mold it. That’s maybe the most important thing. It’s to shake off this erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just gonna live in it, versus embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it. ~Steve Jobs tweet


Change quotes for work


The American Dream is that any man or woman, despite of his or her background, can change their circumstances and rise as high as they are willing to work. ~Fabrizio Moreira tweet


How do you change the world? Bring people together. Where is the easiest big place to bring people together? In the work environment. ~Adam Neumann tweet


Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat. ~Steve Jobs tweet


Make the first step and you’ll be closer than you were. ~Richard Branson tweet


The better we understand how identities and power work together from one context to another, the less likely our movements for change are to fracture. ~Kimberle Williams Crenshaw tweet


All of us have to work toward a definite future… that can motivate and inspire people to change the world. ~Peter Thiel tweet


In any job, you can come under attack or have a door slammed in your face. You do want to listen to critics; you don’t want to be in a cocoon and never change. Get a second opinion from coworkers and friends. Know that criticism can be valid, but don’t take it personally. ~Amy Klobuchar tweet


You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures. ~Charles C. Noble tweet


An innovation is one of those things that society looks at and says, if we make this part of the way we live and work, it will change the way we live and work. ~Dean Kamen tweet


Earlier, my priority was only work. I worked like a dog before I got married. After marriage, once you have a baby, time management is difficult. Your responsibilities change, your priorities change. And you have to concentrate on them if you have to work out your life. Your career is just a part of your life. For me, my family is my life. ~Kajol tweet


Not only is women’s work never done, the definition keeps changing. ~Bill Copeland tweet


To succeed in this world, you have to change all the time. ~Sam Walton tweet


Quotes about change in life and moving on


Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. ~Simone de Beauvoir tweet


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. ~John F. Kennedy tweet


My theory on life is that life is beautiful. Life doesn’t change. You have a day, and a night, and a month, and a year. We people change – we can be miserable or we can be happy. It’s what you make of your life. ~Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweet


You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world. ~Tom Brokaw tweet


Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change. ~Gretchen Rubin tweet


We are all born with a unique genetic blueprint, which lays out the basic characteristics of our personality as well as our physical health and appearance… And yet, we all know that life experiences do change us. ~Joan D. Vinge tweet


I can’t really change my life to accommodate people who are jealous. I don’t see why I should. ~Sting tweet


Looking back is a way to sharpen the focus on the things you want to change in your life. I think there’s something about nostalgia that really puts a fine point on the here-and-now, and that can be incredibly fascinating and interesting and engaging for the mind. tweet


Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future. ~Lewis B. Smedes tweet


Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons. Neither the offender nor the offended are any more themselves. ~Blaise Pascal tweet


Everything in life that we really accept undergoes a change. ~Katherine Mansfield tweet


I think is important to give a child room to make mistakes in order to learn. Mistakes build wings so later in life they can fly and go on their own. Let them fall once in awhile… Be their friend and parent as well. When they’re in trouble, they will come to you first. Don’t try to change their opinion. ~Melania Trump tweet


It can literally change someone’s life; it’s very positive for young teenagers to get into cosplay if they do it with their friends or with supervision from their parents – it can really foster their social skills. ~Yaya Han tweet


Many people come to reinvention when life changes around them, but people come in all different stripes. I’m oriented to change. ~Jane Pauley tweet


I try to contrast; life today is full of contrast… We have to change. ~Gianni Versace tweet


To change ones life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. ~William James tweet


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Quotes about change and love, relationship


You wind up creating from silence, like painting a picture on a blank canvas that could bring tears to somebody’s eyes. As songwriters, our blank canvas is silence. Then we write a song from an idea that can change somebody’s life. Songwriting is the closest thing to magic that we could ever experience. That’s why I love songwriting. ~Rodney Atkins tweet


I think the thing about love is that even though the things around us change, we as human beings, a lot of the ways we interact, and the ways we love each other is timeless. It requires trust, honesty, commitment, romance, and physical chemistry. ~John Legend tweet


They say marriage will change you but it didn’t change me. Being in love changed me. ~R. Kelly tweet


I don’t know that love changes. People change. Circumstances change. ~Nicholas Sparks tweet


A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love. ~Pearl S. Buck tweet


My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. ~Jack Layton tweet


If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it. ~C.S. Lewis tweet


I gotta spread all this love that I have for myself, I gotta spread it to everybody else, because my positivity is going to change at least one person’s day a day, and that’s all that matters to me. ~Khalid tweet


So sweet love seemed that April morn. When first we kissed beside the thorn, So strangely sweet, it was not strange We thought that love could never change. ~Robert Bridges tweet


Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby- awkwardly, and often with a great deal of mess. Lemony Snicket tweet


The priesthood is a marriage. People often start by falling in love, and they go on for years without realizing that love must change into some other love which is so unlike it that it can hardly be recognized as love at all. ~Iris Murdoch tweet


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Quotes about change and growth


Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong. ~N. R. Narayana Murthy tweet


Empowering the individual means empowering the nation. And empowerment is best served through rapid economic growth with rapid social change. ~Atal Bihari Vajpayee tweet


One of my greatest fears is not being able to change, to be caught in a never-ending cycle of sameness. Growth is so important. ~Matt Dillon tweet


All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward. ~Ellen Glasgow tweet


Divorce is a time of change. It really rocks a foundation of most people’s lives. When we have our heart broken or our dreams taken away from us, it is a time of growth and change. ~Debbie Ford tweet


City farming is not only possible, it is the very definition of the kind of meaningful, sustainable innovation we will need to meet the grand challenges of the 21st century: climate change; population growth; ageing population; urbanization; rising demand for energy, food and water; poverty; and access to healthcare. ~Frans van Houten tweet


I meet people in my daily life, people who seem to experience some change and some growth on a personal level, and that gives me hope. ~Tracy Chapman tweet


Quotes about change in business


The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. ~Peter Drucker tweet


As a result of the digital age and the decline of first-class mail, there is no question that the Postal Service must change and develop a new business model. ~Bernie Sanders tweet


Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies. ~Mark Zuckerberg tweet


It’s important to think good, speak good, and do good. If we want to see positive change in the world, then we need to connect to goodness. I try in everything I do, both in business and philanthropy, to make a positive change and do that by doing good. ~Shari Arison tweet


In business, if you realize you’ve made a bad decision, you change it. ~Richard Branson tweet


Technological change is never an isolated phenomenon. This revolution takes place inside a complex ecosystem which comprises business, governmental and societal dimensions. To make a country fit for the new type of innovation-driven competition, the whole ecosystem has to be considered. ~Klaus Schwab tweet


If you’re not doing some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things. ~Larry Page tweet


Quotes about changing yourself for the better


Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of those three options, and you must choose now. Then accept the consequences. ~Eckhart Tolle tweet


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. ~Andy Warhol tweet


Maybe you’re not perfect, but you’re willing to actually look at yourself and take some kind of accountability. That’s a change. It might not mean that you can turn everything around, but I think there’s something incredibly hopeful about that. ~Brie Larson tweet


You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. ~Jim Rohn tweet


Aging gracefully means being flexible, being open, allowing change, enjoying change and loving yourself. ~Wendy Whelan tweet

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I do think that you can dress yourself out of a problem. The way that a haircut and a new pair of pants can make you feel is better than any therapist, because when you look in the mirror, you see a different person – you are a different person. It’s superficial change that can lead to real change. ~Greg Behrendt tweet


There are always people who are into the old way of doing things. I don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily, but things change – nothing stays the same. If you can stay true to yourself, you’re always going to be legendary. ~Lil Uzi Vert tweet


I’m not saying that putting on makeup will change the world or even your life, but it can be a first step in learning things about yourself you may never have discovered otherwise. At worst, you could make a big mess and have a good laugh. ~Kevyn Aucoin tweet


There is so much inherent drama in the matter of change. Disappointment in yourself and others, coping with the fact that life is essentially shipwreck, becoming a person you yourself could not imagine yourself to be, for good and for bad, and then ultimately there is the basic matter of loss. ~Jane Hamilton tweet


To me, the #1 key to success is ‘creating lasting positive change in yourself and others.’ That is what is most rare, most difficult, and most valuable about leading people. ~Marshall Goldsmith tweet


No matter what your mission is, have some notion in your head. Forget the model, whether it’s government or nonprofit or profit. Ask yourself the more important question: Is my mission improving the world? Are you sure about it? Seek to disconfirm that all the time. And if you can, change your mission. ~Jeff Bezos tweet


Nature, philosophy and social issues are the three things that always occupy my mind. You do not have any power over others but can only change yourself. ~Pawan Kalyan tweet


Quotes on changing the world


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman tweet


Kids really have a lot more power than they think they have. They have the power to change the world. And they should know it. ~Laura Marano tweet


I don’t know if music can change the world overnight but I know that music can help someone make it through a difficult night. ~Michael Franti tweet


The life purpose of the true social entrepreneur is to change the world. ~Bill Drayton tweet


Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world. Just start thinking peace, and the message will spread quicker than you think. ~Yoko Ono tweet


It connects humans to other humans in a profound way that I’ve never seen before in any other form of media. And it can change people’s perception of each other. And that’s how I think virtual reality has the potential to actually change the world. ~Chris Milk tweet


We think it is complicated to change the world. Change comes little by little. Nothing worthwhile can happen in one generation. ~Andrew Young tweet


There are big problems that change the world. If we are working together, that will make us understand each other, appreciate each other, help each other. ~Jack Ma tweet


Sometimes a good love song can change the world and create positive energy more than any political song can. ~Serj Tankian tweet


In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first. ~Jimi Hendrix tweet


To all of the young people out there who are creating social change or even fomenting social movements: hold on to your idealism and your belief in your ability to change the world. Your lofty goals demand attention and deserve support. ~Lynn Schusterman tweet


Don’t ever forget that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Aaron Sorkin tweet


If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. ~William H. McRaven tweet


You can’t change the world; you can’t fix the whole environment. But you can recycle. You can turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth. You can do small things. ~Patti Smith tweet


Scared of change quotes


Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something even better. tweet


I don’t feel bad or scared about getting older in terms of my looks or anything like that. I’m not afraid of my face changing. I enjoy seeing my face change. I think it’s really interesting. I wouldn’t want to have same face for my whole life. It would be boring to look at the same face in the mirror for 80 years. ~Juliana Hatfield tweet


Change comes with both fear and some pain. Those two ingredients create mistrust, misunderstanding and misinformation. Such is the process of democracy. ~David Mixner tweet


Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right. ~Tony Robbins tweet


People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they? People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines… There will always be ignorance, and ignorance leads to fear. But with time, people will come to accept their silicon masters. ~Bill Gates tweet


Do not be afraid of change or chaos. Embrace it by being as fluid as possible. ~Robert Greene tweet


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