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  • Full name: Jacquavius Dennard Smith
  • Aka: 9lokkNine (Jacquavius Smith, Glock9, Glokk9, GlokkNine, GlockNine, GlokNine, YJB Quay)
  • Born: May 1, 2000
  • Born in: Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Occupation: American rapper.
  • Height: 5ft 8in (175 cm)
  • Weight: 71kg (143 lbs)

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My family all know I get in trouble. I’m a hot head. I’m gon’ crash. But I told her at the end of the day, ain’t nobody giving my mama no money. They don’t understand me, they don’t get what I was doing it for, how I was doing it.


Lil Nine, that’s me.

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Truthfulness is important to me cause if you aint true to your fans then what you doing it for and that shit false it ain’t real. That shit flugazy. I want them to know where I’m coming from, feel how I feel.


My songwriting process is, I’m gon’ write it down, keep that paper or that note and then go from there. Just rap in the booth.

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I wrote the whole song in jail. I was in jail and I was laying on my bunk with my brothers.

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I wanted a child to be there for em cause my daddy had every excuse to why he never showed up.


Don’t let that age shit fool ya. I teach ya some a nigga 30 can’t do.

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I caught distance, Im just watching from a far now.


My daughter give me a different perspective on living purposes.


I need some time to myself alone lost from everybody.


Betrayed by a person who deceived me at most high.


I gotta focus on me & stop worrying bout this negative energy that keep getting brought upon me.


If I have another me I feel sorry for y’all cause then y’all goin to deal with the both of us. Bitch two times.


Once you see wrong in yourself then you can pin point the wrong doing another person is till then.


Once you cross that imaginary line aine no crossing back you showed me what it was, feel me.


I planted a seed & a person too early. Thinking everything was everything but shiddddd I was wrong again.


I show love & get a broken heart handed to me every time.


9lokkNine’s net worth: $500.000

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