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  • Full name: Nicholas Simmons
  • Born: December 18, 1999
  • Born in: Birmingham, Alabama, United States
  • Occupation: American rapper, songwriter and actor
  • Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm)
  • Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)

Talk is cheap because it’s the only thing broke people can afford. tweet

Don’t let irrelevant people get to you. tweet


If you listen to it, you’re going to fuck with it, and if you say you don’t fuck with it, I don’t know, you’re probably lying. tweet


All of my life I just wanted them bands. tweet

I put everything that was going on in my life in that song. I was basically talking shit in that song. I was just talking my shit. tweet

Family is everything. tweet

When you down the only way is up. tweet

Not everyone around you is your friend. tweet


I just really want the cash. tweet

You don’t know what bad is, until you see what good is. tweet


You can still catch me at the crib like this on a daily basis. tweet


Never give up. Always find a reason to keep trying. tweet


I hate waking up out of a good rest to not be able to go back to sleep. tweet


I just wanna get high. tweet


You could look over this way but swear to God you ain’t gone touch us. tweet


Don’t show everybody how you really eatin if you don’t want that attention. tweet


No need for the running. If they coming they coming. tweet


Trynna make it right when all this wrong around. tweet


Don’t buy it if you can’t buy it twice. tweet


True story never told on a soul. tweet


If it don’t make you smile don’t do it. tweet


Just some motivation for the young boss niggas around the world. tweet


I had some girls over the crib, and my cousin kept tellin’ me I had to go to the studio. I was like, “Breh, I don’t really want to go right now.” And I was so mad but I still had to go because they already booked the session. So I pulled up to the studio, I was mad the whole time, and I was just like, “lately been on that fuck-a-nigga shit.” I was like, “fuck my cousin,” but I ended up going crazy and at the end of the session. We all was hypin’, we was like, “Bro, I’m glad I came to the studio.” So we went crazy. tweet


Distance yourself from all negativity & negative people. tweet


Never too rich to squabble. tweet


Never say shit that’s the code. tweet


I was sleeping on myself until I woke myself up. tweet


I always been on that, “I don’t give a fuck about nobody”-type shit, but I was just heated at the time at my cousin. He made me come to the studio, the nigga was coolin’ all that. I was just like, “lately been on that fuck a nigga shit” ‘cause there’s been a bunch of shit I’ve been like, “fuck that nigga” to other niggas too. tweet


You can’t trust no hoes, man. You can put your trust in your girl but pay attention to everything, bro. Just pay attention. I had to slow down on all that. I’m messing with one girl. I’m not the same person I used to be when I first started this shit. It’s kind of different. I slow all that shit down. And all these diseases going on and shit. I’m not trying to catch none of this shit. tweet


Know what you want. Then make it happen. tweet


When everybody switched up I ain’t expect that. tweet


Only thing I regret is being younger, letting my momma get beat & not doing shit about it. tweet


Cole Bennett’s net worth: $750.000

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