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  • Full name: Cole Bennett
  • Born: May 14, 1996
  • Born in: Plano, Illinois, United States
  • Occupation: business executive and music video director
  • Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm)
  • Weight: 68kg

Do whatever you can to make it happen! tweet


Everything happens for you, it never happens to you. Always remember. tweet

We are all on a path to somewhere, we don’t always know where that somewhere is. But that’s ok, because there will always be a destination. tweet


There’s no “wrong” way to make art. If you like it and are proud of it, then u fucking made it the right way. tweet

Happiness will always be more important than money. Way more important. Remember that. tweet


The day you give up your dream could be the day before your dream comes true & changes your life forever. If you really want it, let the passion drive you through the finish line. tweet

When I’m gone one day I want to be remembered for always putting love & peace into the air. tweet


I can’t wait to work with Kid Cudi one day. tweet

I am heartbroken. I love you so much juice. You will be remembered forever. tweet


If there’s one thing I know, it’s that juice gots me. I felt it today more than ever. tweet


Life has been moving so fast I’m trying to keep up. tweet


These labels give me so much trouble. Probably because I turned down all of their offers last year. Lyrical lemonade is one of the last self funded companies in this shit. Never fell victim to the industry, and I’m so so proud of that. tweet


I’ll never understand why people have a problem with the Birkenstocks. I enjoy being comfortable and if we’re being honest, the shits are stylish. tweet


I’m gettin sick of takin advice from people that could never stare at reflections. tweet


I’m changing the world in this next decade, some how, some way for the better. tweet

Cole Bennett’s net worth: $2 million

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