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  • Full name: Johnathan Michael Porter
  • Born: January 20, 1997
  • Born in: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Occupation: American rapper, singer and songwriter
  • Height: 6ft 4in (193 cm)
  • Weight: 78kg
  • Net worth: $4 million


I love the jokes, man, it’s entertaining. That’s really what’s making it. But, that part right there is just more or less, “catch ‘em slippin’”, like, you know, “I’m a step ahead of you. I’m not fixing to go tit for tat with you, I’m gonna make an example.”

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All my songs only have one verse. Not really gonna have somebody’s attention for that long, you know? If you get in and get out, they gonna wanna hear more. If they wanna hear more, they gonna have to go to that next song.

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The word Thotiana has been around as long as the word thot has been around. It was just catchy. It was just different. I hadn’t heard nobody use it in that term.


My name is named after Blueface, the blue hundred dollar bills, the blue flakes. Ben Frank is my signature, Blueface is my name. Everybody think it’s because I’m a Cryp. That, too, fuck it. It’s controversial, two meanings.

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It felt great when I realized I could feed my family and I could be independent and on my own.


Basically, what I meant by that is I’d die for my respect. Somebody tries to take my chain, for instance, I’m gonna try to slide ‘em, I’m gonna try something, unless I got my blower on me. Then, I might take it off and let you turn around and walk off with it.

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I’m really a genius bro, sometimes I just think of this shit on accident.


I get reckless when I get I got a purpose to be reckless. I’m not a reckless guy just off, just off the rails. Like, fuck everybody. But, if you fuck me, then I’m gonna get reckless. I’m gonna fuck you. Right in the ass.

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I noticed people started getting a little jealous when I started really blowing up.


This bitch said I’m the next big thing
Bitch, shut the fuck up and suck this big thing
~Blueface, Next Big Thing


When I was down, I hit the studio
Hop in the booth and let the truth be told
Not a stripper but I gotta keep a pole
They gotta pay me now just to get up close
~Blueface, Studio


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