Top 10 Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business Performance

Business success doesn’t happen overnight, and growing it requires a lot of effort, tactical thinking, and commitment to the cause. Especially when it is constantly challenged and undermined by competitors, market shifts, and changing customer demands.

In terms of such a dynamic environment, entrepreneurs are doomed to forever test the uncharted waters trying to predict future outcomes to be one step ahead of their rivals. And while tomorrow often holds a lot of guesswork and trial-and-error job, digital marketing instruments and tools are designed to bring some clarity into promotional work and enhance business efficiency.

What does digital marketing have to do with business performance?

In the digital era we live in, no business can be successful without an elaborate plan of online campaigns. It gives companies an understanding and clear instructions as to what marketing actions they must take to achieve their goals, whether it is through SM promotions, PPC, SEO, or attracting leads in some other ways.

Today, ignoring the benefits of digital marketing tools is similar to stealing from your own pocket, as they are brought to increase business performance with less effort, time, and expenses. Here is the list of best digital marketing instruments any business can benefit from:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Designed by Google LLC, it is a free and extremely valuable tool that can give an upper-hand to any content producer. Complemented by simple and intuitive design, the tool allows business owners to stay on top of their customers’ activities and track reference interlinks from third-party websites. It also provides information about the traffic sources and most visited pages, giving an understanding of how visitors see and interact with the content.

The information can help businesses to adjust their marketing and production strategies to the consumer demands and achieve better brand recognition, higher sales, and overall business performance efficiency. The tool can be integrated into your website with as little as a few clicks and it is strongly recommended to add it if you haven’t yet.

2. Ahrefs


If you have been looking for a genie to make all your SEO dreams come true, this is it. The tool allows you to carry out a full website audit or make an analysis of your competitors’ websites, provides comprehensive keyword suggestions and ideas, and many more. A monthly cost starts at 99 USD for the basic package, but it’s definitely worth it.

3. Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is an all-inclusive customer data aggregator designed to improve business-to-consumer relationships. The tool collects all consumer-related information, which you can find and manage via a convenient InfusionSoft interface.

It allows ranking leads based on their buying patterns to understand what type of content should be generated to influence them in the future.  Set the stage for more enthralling e-mail campaigns with an embedded A/B testing interface. And use the Infusionsoft dashboard to see your customer engagement history and the performance of your campaigns.

4. HubSpot


The tool is designed to cover weak spots businesses may have. It represents an elegant combination of customer relationship management and marketing platforms. From drawing traffic to client deals, any business owner will find it beneficial. Also, HubSpot provides assistance with SMM, content curation, search engine optimization, website building, creating landing pages, call-to-action development, generating leads, automating marketing, and analytics.

5. FunctionFox

FunctionFox is a blend of valuable features that foster effective collaboration, project management, and overall work optimization of the teams.

It allows creating and assigning tasks to team members, tracking task completion progress, as well as set up e-mail notifications to have up-to-date information about your project statuses.

There are numerous multitasking features available. On the same platform, your team can simultaneously work for several clients on a few different projects. Also, there are features that help you stay on top of all financial information related to your project.

6. Hootsuite


Social networks have become an indispensable digital marketing tool. No matter what type of business you own, it is unreasonable to ignore the power of influence that social media offer. Hootsuite is a one-size-fits-all tool for managing all SM tasks.

Tearing yourself apart between different social platforms can be challenging. Luckily, Hootsuite allows scheduling and managing SM posts ahead so that marketers can allocate their time and effort with more efficiency.

Additionally, the dashboard feature enables swift response to commentaries dispensing you with the necessity to do it manually on each social media platform separately.

Every business owner who values their time will definitely appreciate this Hootsuite.

7. Slack


If you are not using Slack, you must at least have heard about it. The tool is a popular communication and networking assistant for business purposes. It is a centralized communication system that enables easier communication between the employees of an organization. Members can easily join or leave channels, which improves cooperation and increases productivity within a team.

8. Brand24


“The social media ubiquity has opened many doors for people expressing their opinions. Whether they speak positively or tear your business to tatters, it may have a huge long-term influence on a company’s reputation,” insists Ally Brown, CEO of a college essay help online service.

Brand24 is an SM-monitoring service that lets you keep up with the social opinion about your business. With its help, you can check how and in what way people mention your company to know for sure what impression is created around your brand.

Thus, you may spot that your customers encounter regular problems connected with your products. Or alternatively, you may run into hundreds of positive feedback. In any case, knowledge is power. By being aware of how your customers see your business, you can opportunely make necessary changes your business requires or on the contrary, verify that you are on the right track.

To cut the long story short, digital marketing services and tools are must-have assets that help companies optimize all business processes and achieve more with fewer resources. If you are not using any yet, it is a perfect time to start.


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