Find Out if Billboards Are Right for Your Business

C​hoosing the right advertising methods for your business is crucial to reaching your desired audience. While most people rely on social media and email campaigns to spread their messages, others need a bit more of a push to support their cause.

This is where billboards come in; it offers a larger platform to broadcast your advertisement aside from the standard ads. And what’s even more dynamic: the 21st century has allowed for the development of digital billboards, combining modern technology with traditional advertising. This could be the solution your business needs; read on to determine if this method is right for you.

W​hat’s a Digital Billboard?

A digital billboard is an electronic digital display that exhibits content continuously, mostly on an interchangeable basis. These are viewed as an upgrade from the traditional form of out of home (OOH) advertising.

Standard billboards are only able to show one ad at a time and require manual rotation to update or change the display. They also wear and tear, leaving viewers with an unpleasant sight to see while you deal with the hole in your pocket.

Digital billboards, however, are fortified and durable, built to withstand weather and other damages. For this reason, wear and tear aren’t factors you need to worry about. Your ad and your business are given an appointed amount of time to showcase what you have to offer, making digital billboards the better option for advertising.

Benefits of Digital Billboards

Timely Messaging

Though social media is a hot tool in advertising, it’s not the only method that provides adequate viewing for time-sensitive messages, like a sign up deadline or an upcoming gala. Digital billboards are especially effective at conveying a sense of urgency and timeliness, allowing messaging and movement to do the job. And speaking of movement…

M​ovement and Effects

D​igital Billboards allow your message to be filled with movement, color, and illumaniation for a sight that people won’t want to miss. A stationary OOH ad is much easier to avoid, while an ad with different dynamics can appeal to an array of people in your audience. And because digital is now the standard, ads that include adequate movement and added effects are in a better position to beat competitors.

Quick Turn-Around

B​illboard installation has come a long way! OOH billboards take 2-3 weeks to be officially installed, and just as long to add any changes. Digital billboards, however, can be applied and/or amended almost instantly. There’s no need to wait when your problems can be solved with the touch of a button. Going digital can help you get your ad out to the public sooner, and can update as needed with just a click.


Have a lot to say? Digital billboards can help you say a mouthful during one ad. B​asic OOH advertising allows for limited space to show your message, so if your ad is complex this type of billboard might not be best. However, digital billboards could be up your alley because of their ability to show multiple messages in one ad. From quick-changing slides to rolling text across the screen, there are a variety of options when it comes to how you can display more than one message or call-to-action in your ad.

E​asy Edit

Plans change, t​hings happen, and time moves forward. Digital billboards make it easy to edit ad content without opting to pay the price of a new ad. OOH billboards are so final, leaving no room for upgrades of any kind. Why settle for final when you can go for something flexible and built for change? This is particularly helpful for campaigns that use a countdown, or even for businesses who regularly adjust their prices with sales and discounts.

B​rands that Benefit

Just about any brand that wants to spread a message can benefit from a digital billboard, but brands that benefit most generally have established somewhat of a social media following and have a solid audience. Digital billboards can connect social media with your audience at large, allowing people to see the impact of your brand’s following. Whether your brand is w​ell-known locally or internationally, you can be sure to include your social media information in your ad to ensure your audience continues to grow both on and offline. One method is better than one!


T​here is no question that digital billboards have transformed the way we engage with advertising, both as businesses and patrons. It stands as one of the best visual representatives for any entity, giving it a platform that is almost impossible to ignore. Bright for all to see, digital billboards are effective at amplifying time-sensitive events and reaching goals in a timely manner; its reach makes it unmatched. Now is your time to seize the benefits that a digital billboard can give—digital opportunity awaits!


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