Creative Gifts You Can Give To The Love Of Your Life

Let’s face facts, some of us are awful gift-givers. All we think about when getting gifts, especially for romantic partners, is fancy and elaborate gifts. This is not a bad idea, except for the fact fancy gifts don’t always carry the deep message of thoughtfulness.

To say ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ with gifts makes the act even more meaningful. The smile on the face and the sparkle in the eyes that gifts bring are incomparable. Though gifts can spread happiness, it can be challenging to choose gifts for that special someone. One needs to put a lot of thought into finding a gift that is perfect for the special person in one’s life, which can express one’s emotions truly.

So how do you choose that special gift? There are many things to consider when purchasing a gift for someone. First and foremost, the occasion. Whether public or private, there are several occasions people love to celebrate with their family and friends. When picking something special as a gift, one needs to get something that will leave a lasting impression.

Because giving gifts is one of the 5 love languages, it is, therefore, a significant part of every romantic relationship. So much so, that science has proven that giving and receiving gifts can strengthen or ruin relationships and marriages.

The above summary begs the question: What are the best gifts to give my lover?

For Men

A Leather Wallet

A wallet should not strike you as being a boring gift. Some designers and stores might offer customization on the back of the wallet. Own the gift! A beautiful slim wallet that holds everything they need in a slim profile is likely to make your partner smile.


You may first think that underwear is an odd gift, but let me tell you what. Take your time and go shopping for super comfortable underwear. They will blow your mind and his, and the best part is, some come in a multitude of patterns, colors, and limited edition prints.

Dopp Kits

Make his travel even easier for him by getting him a Dopp kit to comfortably carry all his toiletries. One with a window is a creative idea, as it helps him easily see the content in his bag and to know what he needs at a glance.

His Favorite “Plaything”

If your man is a gamer, get him his favorite console or gaming gadgets. Nothing wrong with breaking the bank for that special occasion and person. Watch him scream and smile.


Food is definitely a great gift to give. Make it more romantic by preparing his favorite meal and planning a romantic date at home; just the two of you. 

Aside from cooking, you can also try gifting a food basket. Popular for men nowadays is the jerky gift box. A verified buyer from says a beef jerky is a great surprise, but a jerky bouquet or basket makes it even more exceptional. With the different available flavors, he will surely be impressed.

For Women


NO! It’s not corny or cheesy. Taking time out to get the right underwear for your woman is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. It’s not as easy as it may seem, so trust her to understand the effort and show gratitude. 

You can be adventurous and opt for matching festive underwear to fit the occasion.

Masterclass Membership For Her Favourite Things

Once you notice the things she loves doing, it’s your responsibility to cheer her on and to support her in every way. One easy way is to pay for masterclasses. It could be 6 months or a year-long. If she loves to paint, get her into an art class and buy some tools for her. Supporting your woman’s dream is a creative way to say “I love you”.


man and woman dining

YES! Food again. A good meal always leaves everyone feeling happy. A good meal cooked by that special person, eaten as a romantic dinner takes the game to a whole other level. Imagine how surprised she would be seeing you in an apron holding her favorite food.

Gift Cards

Let’s be real, sometimes you are just not sure what is right for the occasion. In cases like this, it’s best to leave the choice to her. Instead, get a gift card from her favorite store and allow her to shop for her own gifts.

A Hair Towel

This is one gift a woman would love. Microfiber hair towels are made to absorb moisture rapidly while reducing the frizz and breaking of the hair. They are more gentle to the hair and do not cause excessive dryness. 

This list does not exhaust the options available out there. It just shows you how diverse your options are. Anything can be a gift as long as you take into consideration, the time of giving, what the person would want, the occasion, customer reviews on the gift (if buying online), price, color, personalized touch, and that unique factor that particular to the intended receiver.


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