Dating And Marriage Tours In The Pandemic – What To Consider?

Usually, spring kicks off the wedding season. But the COVID is still there. A year after starting the pandemic, some couples no longer want to wait to put the ring on their finger. Their solution? The micro-marriage. is the one of the best website that can provide the Marriage & Dating Tours Services.

 Our Marriage Journey In The Pandemic

We are at the start of containment number 2. Caroline and Jeremy finally said yes, but not quite as they had planned. They were five in front of the mayor, instead of the ninety people expected: it was either that or a second postponement. Already forced to give up their wedding in the spring., this couple, the parent of a 5-year-old girl, could not imagine pushing back again.

“We wanted to get married quickly to protect our family legally. If anything should happen, we are recognized as husband and wife,” says Caroline. What did they do after the civil ceremony, followed by friends and relatives via Face book Live? “We drank a glass of champagne with the witnesses, then we went home with our daughter, and we had a good meal. It’s not what we had in mind, but it was good. We tell ourselves that our chance is to make the pleasure last”. A second part is planned, but it will wait: a big party is set for October 2021, if all goes well until then.

“Thank You For Coming With Your Negative Test.”

micro marriage

The union celebrated in a reduced committee has a name: micro-marriage. Since the pandemic, the term has been in vogue; it is displayed on specialized sites as a privileged scenario for putting the ring on your finger in times of COVID.

Some celebrate the event together, those who invite a few relatives to drink “the glass of friendship” in a garden, or still others who favor the large table in a house rented for the occasion, after sending an invitation card with the words “Thank you for coming with your negative test.”

“Most often, civil weddings followed by a small snack or a cocktail reception, where barrier gestures are strictly applied,” explains Sylvie Patten, founder of the wedding planner agency Sparkly in Bordeaux. Also inevitable: a guest list revised downwards (up to about thirty people, the number often being linked to the capacity of the town hall), a pile of masks made available, a dance floor excluded of the program – party rooms being prohibited – and uncertainties about the holding of the event in the event of new confinement, as has been the case since March 20, 2021, in sixteen departments where receptions cannot take place.

Send Magic


You have to want to see your D-Day again in a more minor and less festive way. The idea does not excite all these castaways of marriage. “Some have been preparing theirs for a year and a half: for them, it’s complicated to give up everything they had imagined, especially after two postponements.

I’m trying to “mentalize” my 2022 bride and groom to consider the option of a small event. Because, at this stage, there is no guarantee that marriages of 100 or 200 people will be possible next year,” adds Sylvie Patten. So some rethink their plan, put an end to the party, and take the plunge. “They say to themselves, ‘we’ll be few, but we’re sending the magic,'” explains Elodie Bansard, wedding planner, founder of the D Day brand. “We can organize this urgently, targeting gîtes or private homes for a family weekend.

We will then put a large table in the dining room with a beautiful decoration; we will bring musicians, a photographer, and a chef at home, more gastro than a caterer. What makes them happy is marriage. The party is secondary”.

For Emilie and her companion, it was a question, from the request of “doing this” only between them. The period acted as “a good excuse,” especially with their respective families. The latter learned of the marriage a few days after the celebration. “Mine reacted very well, and my husband’s a little less. We explained to them that it was our will,” explains the young bride. “Covid or not Covid, anyway, there were six of us at the town hall. To check the event, we treated ourselves to the same navy blue outfit each on our side that we wore on D-Day, we took out the beautiful plates, and we ordered a gourmet meal for both of us, a McDonald’s for the children, and a cake at a pastry chef that I adore”.

If the couple wanted to limit logistics and reduce the number of guests to a minimum, they did not cut back on the emotion. “The person who married us seemed very happy to celebrate the wedding, and they don’t see much of her anymore at the moment. We expected something strict, and we had a hot celebration. We were even able to remove our mask. As a result, we had a great day and a great time!”

Have Support And Be A Support

The covid-19 pandemic is complicated for everyone, especially for you who organized your wedding and all the actors of this day. Some of your service providers are on the “front line” on covid-19 issues – I am thinking of caterers, florists, reception halls, and restaurants who have to think about the management of their establishment or their suppliers and their stock.

As a photographer, I am sorry to see the bride and groom that I accompany having to face this situation; I am finding out how to best support you. Your service providers who are for me in “second line” (photographer, home beauty, animator …) and who can only comply with decisions impacting rooms and town halls, will also be able to support you, at the same time without having to urgently inquire about whether they will open their restaurant the next day.

Your loved ones, your guests are also there to help you. For your part, understand the fears and apprehensions of everyone, whether it is your family or your providers. Some may be less accommodating, and it can happen. Still, it is easy to steer in such a tense period due to the coronavirus – covid-19. Let’s use common sense to find the best and safe solution together.

Some may be less accommodating, and it can happen. Still, it is easy to steer in such a tense period due to the coronavirus – covid-19. Let’s use common sense to find the best and safe solution together. Some may be less accommodating, and it can happen. Still, it is easy to steer in such a tense period due to the coronavirus – covid-19. Let’s use common sense to find the best and safe solution together.


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