Ledig Russian Dating Services That Worth Man’s Attention

Can do Russian dating services that worth man’s attention online dating with good platforms (Apps & Websites). Lets talk about best websites. Usually, by Russian dating sites, we mean online services that list the profiles of women from the former Soviet Union.

Usually, the websites themselves promote women from the former USSR as “Russians,” when in reality, half of them are probably from Ukraine and other countries. Https://ukrainiandatingblog.com/ is the best website that can provides dating services that worth man’s attention. Below best Russian dating websites:

Best Russian Dating Sites

Just as we said earlier, let’s examine the whole FSU (Former Soviet Union – countries of the former Soviet Union) when we talk about Russian dating sites. If you try to search for this term, there are over 8 million results. Which site to choose from? Two main types of websites list profiles of women from countries of the former Soviet Union: 

  • Local: Women who join local websites and want to meet men living nearby. 
  • International: Girls who join international dating services or a Russian marriage agency, such as CQMI.fr, because they want to meet someone abroad. 

Naturally, suppose you are not planning to migrate to Russia (Ukraine, Belarus, etc.). In that case, there is no point in chatting with the girls on local dating sites. They don’t want to move. They never considered such a possibility. You can spend months talking and trying to build a relationship, and at the end of it, she’ll say, “You know what, I realized I don’t want to move.” And they do not want to migrate: All his family is there, his friends, his work and his house. Going to different land is a huge thing. Most women in Eastern Europe are too scared to take the plunge. Girls who joined international dating sites have already thought about it and decided that. 

This is why they prefer to go to websites or go to marriage agencies offering possibilities to contact foreign men instead of local single men agencies. Several of the girls on general dating places have relatives and friends who live abroad. These ladies traveled abroad and decided to build a future from a blank page in another country. They speak English and generally study to improve their diction and knowledge.

Three Types Of International Dating Sites

types of dating sites

There are three main types of international dating sites featuring profiles of Russian women: 

  • The Russian severe marriage agency will adapt to your needs and your budget The single contribution site (for 3, 6, 12 months).
  • The one-fee dating site for everyone.
  • The sites of “PPL” (payment by letter).

The only type of site that can be worth your while is the marriage agency, which is much more severe than any other type of site. 

1 – The marriage agency will welcome you and advise you on how to meet a Russian woman in Russia or another Eastern European country. You will meet individuals who will support you and organize your trip for a first meeting, such as the Cqmi.fr agency present in several cities in France. She is there at all times and will put you in touch with one or more single Russian women who will match your search criteria or your lifestyle. 

2 – For single contribution sites: there you pay per period, write as much as you want, exchange direct contact details, and you can leave the site at any time. The service does not monitor your communication. You can ask the woman to encourage you or organize a vacation together elsewhere. In short, these sites work the same as Match.com or eHarmony. On the other hand, compared to a Russian marriage agency, you are not assisted and did not know the reliability of the women present (case of scams). 

3 – PPL sites are exceptionally good at extracting money from love-hungry western men. They will certainly cost you more than subscribing to any “single” website. In short, these are lucrative businesses, and if you are successful in meeting a woman and marrying her, please send us your report here. Tell us how much it cost you in the end. Some said they spent over $ 100,000 on message-based payment sites, but to no avail. Thus, the PPL is NOT recommended. By the process, PPL is so successful that there are also many websites with brides from China, the Philippines, Thailand, and even Africa that work the same. Why is PPL not recommended? 

How PPL Sites Work With Russian Brides

Majority of international dating sites listing Russian women profiles for marriage work as PPL services: You are billed by mail, message, chat, or photo sharing. Some call these fees “translations,” which implies that it costs money to translate into the mother tongue of the coveted woman. This is not true. None of them use human translators for correspondence and chats: Editors speak English well, or a software translator is used.


How does the PPL scheme look, which is quite simple to organize? It is. The only question that means here is that admirers need to be carefully “brainwashed,” which is why the girl will only speak to them through the “paid correspondence” site. If the man tries to run away (to not have to pay the bills become pretty substantial, many single men spend up to $ 800 a week on such sites), he will invariably be pulled back. The “bride” will not communicate with him for free outside the area, clearly showing where the interest lies: payments for correspondence. 

Usually, the “bride,” who has already confessed her “love” to the suitor, “agrees” to communicate outside the site at his request – but only sends him unreadable garbage in Russian with bloody stories. She says she doesn’t have a computer at home and can’t write to him anymore unless it’s through the PPL site and begs him to report there because she loves him and cannot live without him. The lover suitor (of course, the girl in the photos is HOT!) Generally agrees. Men start writing letters instead of chatting (chat or pay-per-letter instant messaging becomes very expensive); they limit communication to what they can afford per week. Such a “romance.” 

Men pay both for the letters they send and those they receive from girls. Girls who work as “brides” are forced to provide 1-2 new photos per month to keep the guy’s interest and confidence that “this is for real.” If a man wants to meet the girl in person, he’s usually put off by the writer.” Suppose he insists and doesn’t take “No” for an answer. In that case, the girl “agrees.” Then when the guys arrive, his “bride” may not even be here … There will be a sobbing story that she had to leave town urgently – when the man of her dreams, with whom she spoke for months, arrives to see her! 

Incredibly, the men continue to write letters to the “bride” upon their return home. How good are these brainwashed PPL services? Even after learning about this ploy, some men still believe that they are not getting ripped off and that everything is in good faith. The bulk of these scams come from Ukraine, as wages there are extremely low – only the US $ 200-300 per month – and poor law enforcement oversight. For example, students, stay-at-home moms, and retirees trying to supplement their income by posing as Russian brides on “paid correspondence” dating sites.


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