What Women Look for In Their Mr.Right

One of the most bizarre and frequently asked questions a woman is faced with is, “What do you look for in a man.” However, the truth be told, there is no definite answer to it. Just like everyone has a different mind, every man in the world has unique qualities.

Although there are many qualities well known to all of us, yet women of this generation have a special take on the qualities of a man they’re attracted to. Continue reading to explore what women find interesting in men:

1. Reliability

There’s nothing more damaging than a promise, which was never fulfilled. Women wear their hearts on their sleeves and expect a man to do the same. However, many men fail to do it and end up asking for excuses when a promise is broken.

Even if it involves something as little as sending a rose over lunch, it can cause massive pain deep inside a woman’s heart. So for a woman, an ideal man is one who not only justifies his word but also doesn’t forgets to ignore the ethics.

2. Sense of Humor

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The most intriguing thing to note about today’s women is, they’re fun, exciting, and full of life. Gone are the days when women were heavily invested in overemotional men and those who would send them blood written letters.

Today, women are down for men who are sarcastic, and plant smiles on their faces. With depression and anxiety being two rampantly thriving mental health issues, women are constantly cheering up for men who know how to hold a sarcastic conversation.

3. Resourcefulness

Apart from having a good heart, it is also important for an ideal man to have enough resources to fund a happily married life.

Although a man might not have this thought in his head, women start envisioning marriage as soon as they get a vibe of Mr. Right from a person whom they’re dating. If you talk to any woman today, she will talk about a man being resourceful. So if you love her, you got to show it as well.

4. Well Spoken

Good communication is key in any relationship. Nobody likes to strengthen a relationship in which the partner is not even well-groomed. The problem with modern relationships is, they start developing a tone that can be destructive.

As a man, you should know at least 100 sweet things to say to your girlfriendwhenever you meet her. This will not only make the bond stronger but will also magnify the level of respect, which lies between two love birds.

5. Confidence

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No one can deny that confident men are always attractive as compared to those who give up on themselves on the first date. For many women, there’s nothing sexier than a man’s confidence.

However, this doesn’t imply you need to know everything, but at least shouldn’t shy away from making the first move. The moment you start wearing confidence on your sleeves, you’ll experience betterment in your relationship.


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