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  • Dita von Teese
  • Born as: Heather Renée Sweet
  • Born: September 28, 1972
  • Birthplace: Rochester, Michigan, U.S.
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Occupation: Burlesque dancer, model, costume designer, author, actress, singer, entrepreneur

34 Dita von Teese quotes

Anyone who says they don’t like to receive a gift is lying. ~Dita von Teese

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I think the beauty looks I most regret are those I was persuaded into. ~Dita von Teese


I’d say the only time I ever get nervous is around great ballet dancers or people I really admire. ~Dita von Teese


I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be. ~Dita von Teese


I want to remind people of a different kind of glamour, a different look, and breaking the rules of fashion. I wanna break the rules. ~Dita von Teese


I’m more of an exaggerator than a liar. ~Dita von Teese


When people say I look intimidating, it’s hard for me to relate to. I hear that a lot. I don’t know why. ~Dita von Teese


I think as someone who collects beautiful things from the past, the thing that I miss the most about modernism and the things I lament about the past are everyday things that you would use were made more beautifully. ~Dita von Teese


I don’t have long-standing regrets; they pass as I see how things are meant to be. ~Dita von Teese

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People who follow all the rules and chase every trend tend to get forgotten – they look great, but they’re not as memorable. ~Dita von Teese


I don’t work with a stylist, I don’t work with a glam squad to get me together for the red carpet, I really enjoy the time it takes to do it myself, to choose my clothes and do my own makeup and my own hair. ~Dita von Teese

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Physical beauty isn’t so impressive to me. ~Dita von Teese


Corsetry is a body modification.~Dita von Teese


I don’t feel I have an alter ego.
— Dita von Teese


Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!
— Dita von Teese


Don’t underestimate the cosmetic power of sunglasses. It’s worth spending a bit of money on a quality pair. I usually go for Dior or Louis Vuitton.
— Dita von Teese


My beauty icons are women whose images are self-created.
— Dita von Teese


I like when people know who they are, know their limitations, and what they want to do. It’s the same thing for me.
— Dita von Teese


I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.
— Dita von Teese

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It’s mostly about enhancing what you have, while spinning a magic spell. Glamour is about creating illusion.
— Dita von Teese

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I like the idea of artificial beauty. Dying my hair black and wearing make-up and high heels is a security thing for me. I feel completely strange when people try to take it away.
— Dita von Teese


People who follow all the rules and chase every trend tend to get forgotten – they look great, but they’re not as memorable.
— Dita von Teese


The great seductresses in history knew that it isn’t just about trying to look sexy or pretty; it’s an art and one becomes skillful in it when she realizes that there are all these conflicting elements that all come together to make something magical.
— Dita von Teese


If you really get to the essence of what makes one sexy, if you get past just what you see in magazines and such, you can see that true sexiness has many facets. The elements include things like confidence, strength, intelligence, and humor.
— Dita von Teese


But for me, as a woman making a living the same way great showgirls of the past did before me, I don’t pay any attention to the argument of what I do, I know what I do and why I do it and what people get from seeing my shows.
— Dita von Teese

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You don’t get to decide for someone else what is degrading.
— Dita von Teese The Rumpus interview


I was always intrigued by the idea of bringing things together that are considered taboo or risque and bringing them together with something of high elegance and sophistication.
— Dita von Teese


Some people say what I do isn’t very liberating. I say it’s pretty liberating to get $20,000 for 10 minutes work.
— Dita von Teese


It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.
— Dita von Teese

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Ignore the critics. Only mediocrity is safe from ridicule. Dare to be different!
— Dita von Teese


I’ve always been a little bit of a warrior. I like a challenge. They had to work harder to get somewhere. If people were just born beautiful and gifted, I’m bored watching them.
— Dita von Teese


Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.
— Dita von Teese


You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.
— Dita von Teese

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I like the idea of being whoever I want to be.
— Dita von Teese


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