How long can CBD oil be stored

Most people will likely notice when purchasing CBD oil that it comes with a best before or use-by date. Like other supplements and medical products, CBD oils go bad over time.

Unfortunately, many people ignore the use-by dates on their CBD oil. The lack of quality and effectiveness is often blamed on the product itself rather than it having been poorly stored or kept for too long.

It is too common for people to purchase CBD oil, use it a few times, and then forget about it at the back of their bathroom cabinet, along with many other tried supplements.

Or for people to over-purchase CBD oils, tempted by the great prices often found when opting for the bulk CBD oil online delivery option. This results in CBD oils sitting for too long and deteriorating in quality.

So, how long can CBD oil products be stored before becoming less effective?

Check the packaging for the recommended shelf life of products

Every company uses a slightly different formula and combination of ingredients when making CBD oil. It is, therefore, always best to check the recommended expiry date on the product as this will be determined based on the specific product and how it’s made.

The shelf life of CBD oil varies based on the product type and the ingredients it contains.

For example, CBD capsules made using artificial ingredients to form the outer coating have a much longer shelf life than CBD edibles. Equally, CBD oil tinctures containing only a few ingredients are likely to last much longer than many edible CBD oil products.

The difference in shelf life once CBD oil products have been opened

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Most CBD oil products have two different shelf lives. The first is how long a particular product can be stored before it is opened. The second is how long it will last once it has been opened and removed from its packaging.

Many CBD oil products are much like food in this way and can be kept for longer when sealed. The reason for this is that once a product is open, it comes into contact with the air around it, which increases the degradation of the compounds within the product.

It is possible to tightly seal CBD oil products once open, but they are still unlikely to last as long as they would if they remained sealed.

Tips for storing CBD oil products

Alongside an expiry date or use-by date, most CBD oils provide guidance on the best ways to store them to ensure they last for as long as possible.

It is best to store CBD oil in a cool, dry space. Reducing the moisture levels helps slow down the rate at which CBD oil deteriorates.

Storing CBD oil products in a high moisture environment increases the rate at which they become unusable. It also encourages the breakdown of cannabinoids within the product, reducing their effect on the body.

Additionally, CBD oil should be stored out of direct sunlight. This could be in a cupboard, drawer, or an area of the house that does not receive much light.

Some people find that storing CBD oil in a refrigerator can help to prolong its effectiveness. A refrigerator can maintain a consistent temperature and is also a dark space.

You should also ensure that CBD oil is correctly sealed after being opened. Failing to properly close CBD oil is one of the main reasons people find its effects to lessen over time.

Products such as CBD oil tinctures and capsules are generally the easiest to store as they come in resealable containers. Other products like gummies and edibles do not always come in a packet or container that can easily be resealed.

It may be worth purchasing a jar, especially for storing CBD oil products, to ensure they are air-tight and stay effective for as long as possible.

How to tell when CBD oil products are off

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The expiry date is the best place to start when determining whether or not to use a CBD product. However, based on how long a product has been open or how it is stored, the expiry date may not always be useful.

One sign that CBD oil is past its best and needs replacing is that its effects become less noticeable. Over time the cannabinoids break down and cannot trigger the same effects they could when they were fresh.

Another helpful sign is that products start to taste different. For example, CBD oils might start to lose some of their prominent, earthy flavors. 

CBD products that are past their best will not provide the most effective results. Generally, it is always best to purchase new CBD oil products when in doubt to ensure they are as effective as possible. 


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