How to Use CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol. It is a compound that is naturally found in cannabis sativa species. Over the years, it has become increasingly popular because of its numerous health benefits. We already know that CBD is beneficial for humans, but can we give it to dogs, too?

Dogs share a similar system that helps the human body to digest cannabinoid – the endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts with this system to generate different health effects. Are you now thinking about how to give cannabidiol oil to your buddy? Look no further. Below are safe methods of administering it to your furry friend.

1. Direct Placement in the Dog’s Mouth

This method is among the best and easiest ways of administering CBD. Placing it directly is suitable because you are sure that your dog is getting the exact quantity of the dose recommended for its weight.  It is important to know that CBD oils come with dosages. They specify the drops to administer depending on the health condition, its severity, and the dog’s size and weight.

To administer, draw the recommended quantity, then move closer to the dog’s mouth. As soon as you get a perfect closure, carefully and slowly squeeze it in its mouth. You should be careful because rushing the dose can make the dog gag, resulting in aggressiveness.

2. Mixing it with Food

One attribute that dogs share is their love for food. If you allow them, they can eat all through the day and night. That is why they will clear their food bowl quickly if you serve their favorite food. Therefore, if you want your dog to take CBD oil, add it to their favorite food; they will eat everything.

This method is usually effective because the flavor of the food will mask the CBD taste. Dry dog foods effectively mask the texture and taste of CBD products. Wet foods on the other hand, do not blend thoroughly with oil.

Since water and oil do not mix, your dog will quickly notice the difference in the taste and appearance of the food. Therefore, you should ensure that it does not appear any different from what the dog already knows.

In addition to the type of food, the dosage is equally important. When mixing it with food, you can start with a small dose, and then increase it gradually. Also, you need to allow the cannabidiol oil to soak in thoroughly before serving the food.

3. Mixing it with Tasty Edibles

Although mixing cannabidiol with dog food is an effective method, it is not easy. Dog food contains different molecules and, in some cases, the cannabidiol may not blend well with the molecules in the food. However, mixing it with tasty edibles like peanut butter will be effective.

Peanut butter already contains oil, so adding cannabidiol oil will not be difficult. Just ensure that you drop the correct dose in an appropriate quantity of butter. Also, make sure that the treats you use are delicious and high-quality. You should avoid products containing xylitol due to its many side effects.

4. Giving it as Treats

dog treats

Are you wondering how CBD oil can become a treat? You already know that giving treats is a way of rewarding your furry friend for good behavior. Therefore, you can start associating CBD with positive behavior.

Giving your dog treats helps to strengthen the bond you share with it. Most treats look like biscuits and cookies and their dry texture and appearance make them an effective alternative for administering CBD oil.

To mix CBD with your dog’s treat, simply place the right dose on it and allow it some minutes to settle into the treat. You may also want to consider dog treats containing cannabidiol. You can click here to know more about such products.

5. Diluting it with Water

CBD tinctures are placed underneath the tongue, but this method is quite challenging when giving it to a dog. You can consider replacing this method with a mixture of cannabidiol oil and water. generally, a good CBD oil does not have odor and taste.

So, you can easily add it to the dog’s water, and they won’t know. However, you must ensure that you drop the correct dosage. As the day ends, you will rest assured that the dog drank most, if not all, the dosage you mixed with its water.

6. As an Ingredient in Homemade Treat

Just as pet parents make dog food at home, they can also make homemade dog treats. Pet owners know the ingredients their pet hates and loves. So, you can substitute or add cannabidiol oil in your recipes.

This method is effective for frying treats because the oil will soak the treats completely. It is important to know that CBD oil should not be used to bake treats. The process of baking evaporates the oil, thereby, denying your dog the complete benefits of the oil. You can check out to learn how to use cannabidiol for homemade treats.


Cannabidiol is one of the active compounds in the cannabis plant. Because it is effective in the treatment of various health problems in dogs, most pet parents are embracing its use. However, you should know that its efficacy depends on the medical condition, its severity, and how it is administered.

Oral administration takes some hours because it goes into the digestive system first before the effects take place. But it is usually the most suitable method of giving cannabidiol oil to dogs.


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