5 Tips for Dealing with Work Anxiety

Most people head to work with the best of intentions. However, when you’re anxious about what your day will bring because you don’t know how to do your job well or if the company will give your job a pink slip, then it’s not so easy.

Here are 5 tips for coping with work anxiety.

Speak to Your Manager

If you’re currently suffering with a lot of anxiety over your job, then speak to your manager. Try to find out more on what you can do better or what the company expects of you. Is it simply a matter of improving yourself or does the company need to provide more training?

After speaking with your manager about your anxieties, then it’s time to develop a plan on how you can improve. Make sure that you focus on tangible goals and take baby steps until you feel more comfortable working for the company.

Tell a Coworker

If you don’t know anyone in your office who can relate to your situation, then you may want to make a list of the people who have similar jobs. Then tell them what’s on your mind.

If you’re still not comfortable talking about it with anyone, then try and talk to someone in another department that has similar struggles. This could also be a great way to make new friends or even ask them questions about their job.

Work Within Your Limits

stressed business woman

Don’t try to work in a situation that you’re not comfortable with. If you’re always telling yourself that you can’t perform better or that your manager won’t remember your name, then it will be hard for you to improve.

Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive. Instead of focusing on how awful things are going, get into a routine where you’re doing what needs to be done and then take time out to relax.

Be Mindful

Find a way to relax during the middle of the day when you may be feeling anxious. If you’re already feeling stressed, then it can cause your body to feel even more stressed.

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Try taking a 10-minute break and do some breathing exercises or drink some warm tea. You could also go for a short walk around the building or get some fresh air if possible.

Practice Good Health Habits

If you feel stressed out and anxious, then it’s likely that you’re not getting enough sleep. Try and make time for a good night’s rest every night. It’s also important to eat well and exercise when possible.

Make sure that you understand your limits. If there are days where you know that there will be a lot going on at work, then don’t fill up your schedule with too much activities if it’s not necessary.

When You Can’t Cope

If you feel like there’s nothing that can be done to make your job less stressful, then it may be time to consider other options. Maybe it’s a matter of finding another job position or starting your own business.

If you’re currently thinking about getting out of the job, then speak to our experts at Chopra Center Holistic Health. We’re here to answer any questions that you may have and help you find a healthy solution for your anxiety. Remember there is always hope!

Take Care of Your Sleep

If you’re stressed out and anxious during the day, then it’s also likely that you’re not sleeping well at night.

Make sure that you have enough time for a good night’s rest. Be sure to take care of your health by eating healthy and exercising every day. If you do these things daily, then they will help improve your overall health and help ease stress whenever it may occur.


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