3 Mindset Tips to Successfully Relate to Women (Especially if You’re Shy)

Are you looking for a way to naturally increase your success with women?

Maybe you want to attract your ideal girlfriend or, perhaps, you just want to have more intimate experiences.

Whatever motivates you, in this article, you’ll find 3 mindset tips that will enormously help you improve your relationships with the opposite sex.

Those tips will likely work regardless of your age, ethnicity, and culture as they relate to some fundamental attraction factors across humans.

Moreover, by applying all of them, you’ll probably notice women looking at you more frequently and even asking you to meet with them. 

That’s at least what happened to me and to many friends with whom I shared those concepts.

Ready to start? Let’s go.

When Insecurity Killed my Results with Women

dating with women

When I was younger I had lots of trouble expressing myself with the opposite sex. 

I didn’t know what was happening but it was as if there was something wrong with me that prevented me from effectively connecting with women.

At first, I thought that I could never relate to the opposite sex as I wanted, let alone attract my dream girls. 

However, being a very ambitious person, I refused to accept this reality and decided to understand how to change my dating life with women.

Along my 11 years journey, after many failures, setbacks, and brutal rejections, I learned the hard way what worked in attracting women to me and what didn’t.

Those principles are not related to how to dress, move and talk but they are programs that must be installed in your mind for you to succeed with the opposite sex. 

That’s why I called them “mindset tips”. Let’s now find them out.

Mindset Tip #1: Be Independent

One of the most important principles to succeed with women is being an independent man.

This doesn’t mean only having enough financial resources to build and maintain the life you want. In fact, emotional independence is as important as financial one.

Women have for long been attracted to men that could forge their destiny, despite life’s difficulties. 

That’s one of the hardest things to do, indeed 90% of men give up when things get tough. 

However, what if you push things forward even when nobody is there to support you?

That’s a sign of emotional independence and maturity. 

The truth is that in most cases, your financial independence will be directly proportional to your emotional independence.

Thus working on making choices without the influence of anybody else, is one of the primary things you should work on, for your personal, professional, and dating life as well.

When a woman understands that you can create your own independence in many areas of life, that’s when she’ll feel more attracted to you. 

In fact, in her mind, she will think that if you can move forward by yourself, just like a leader does, you’ll probably be an excellent partner too. 

What can you work on to become more independent? Analyze your life to see what can be improved.

Mindset Tip #2: Ground Yourself in Your Values

Have you ever heard the concept of grounding?

Many men out there have trouble centering themselves on their strength, masculinity, and values. 

That makes them emasculated and vulnerable, even to the smallest wind change. 

That’s an unattractive quality for most women because the feminine principle is attracted to stability by nature’s design.

If women can sense that you have a solid internal reality, that’s when you’ll activate specific attraction switches on them that will pull them to you like bees are to honey.

That’s why you can see that men that are grounded in their values and masculinity usually outperform those that don’t know who they are and what they want. 

Discovering those two aspects within you will dramatically increase your groundedness and attract higher-quality women to you naturally.

Mindset Tip #3: Be Confident

be confident

My final tip for you is to increase your confidence levels.

Confidence is another important quality to possess if you want to attract the highest quality women to you.

The explanation for this is that women intuitively know that a confident man is more likely to be a greater provider and father.

Indeed, confidence is one of the most important elements one should possess to be successful in any aspect of life.

We all can see how men with normal looks or financial resources but high confidence levels can attract higher quality women, everything being equal.

How’s that possible?

When it’s time to make things happen, those men are more likely to act than sit and watch their life pass by.

This will put them into more opportunities with women that will statistically result in greater success levels.

The good news is that you too can achieve this level of success with women, just by working on your confidence.

Personally speaking, that would be the first thing I’d focus on unless you already feel confident with the opposite sex.

What will happen is that your heightened confidence with women will reflect in higher confidence levels also in other areas of life that will make you more successful and attractive broadly speaking.


Talking to the women you like will be easier for you by following the principles outlined above. 

Having those qualities, will get you more creative with conversation starters and remove from you a big chunk of the fear of failure.

Otherwise, if you feel you need an extra push you can check out some good tinder openers published on AttractionTruth to start conversations with women like a pro.


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