6 Simple Tips That Will Effectively End Your Alcohol Addiction

Many people have no idea how to get out of their alcohol addiction that haunts them every day. It can be excruciating and challenging to overcome because you don’t realize the number of problems it is causing to you and your loved ones.

When it comes to alcohol addiction, there are so many options out there that can cater to your specific needs. You must find your path to recovery with so much variety out there since what works for one person may not work for another.

Below are simple but useful tips we have put together to help you in the journey to being “clean.”

Practical Tips To End Your Alcohol Addiction

Evaluate Why You Drink and What It Has Cost You

Has your life spiraled out of control because you drink too much? It is important to analyze why you drink. Many people begin drinking during adolescence because it is a means of socializing with their peers. However, becoming dependent on alcohol isn’t inevitable. Evaluating your life in the sober light of day can help you determine how your drinking habits have affected you and whether or not they are worth continuing.

Moderate Your Drinking or Cut Back Entirely

Some people can have one or two drinks and walk away feeling like they had a great time. They are wonderful to wake up the next day without a hangover or feeling out of sorts because they are not addicted, drinkers. They don’t always think about drinking. They can set limits on themselves. But there is still a fair amount of individuals who drink too much and have an actual addiction to alcohol. 

If you’re in the second category, then you have no choice but to stop drinking entirely for good. If you strive to become the former when you’re not just yet, then you know that cutting back is going to be your best bet for starting on that path.

Set Goals and Make the Effort To Change

There is no simple way to end an addiction.  It involves the dedication and commitment from you. Change has to be gradual, and you have to be persistent in making that change. You must know how to set goals that are both realistic and specific. 

You can also ask those closest to you for help with this task. For instance, if you know that your addiction has been causing difficulties with the people in your life, you can set a goal of repairing and rebuilding those relationships by going out of your way to make an effort to spend time with them.

Consider New Hobbies to Replace Drinking

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Hobbies are an excellent way to end your addiction to alcohol. Hobbies give you a relevant activity to do that is not drinking. Many alcoholics find that they replace their drinking with TV watching or other addictive activities that lead to similar consequences. Hobbies are a good alternative towards achieving sobriety, just as long as you don’t abuse the new activities. Find something you enjoy and participate in the hobby regularly for as long as possible without the use of alcohol.

Seek Medical Treatment/Professional Help

To break free from the bondage brought about by alcoholism, you must fully understand what it is about alcohol that makes you want to drink excessively and then try to find a way to counter it.  Many people who want to stop drinking fail in their attempts because they want to do it alone. It is essential to understand that there is no shame in trying on your own and failing. It is a challenging process to go through alone. It is most challenging to treat adequately without professional help. 

Some ways of treating alcohol addiction will include 12-step programs and inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. It might cost you first in terms of physical and emotional pain experienced, especially during the detox process. Still, it will give you something priceless – recovery from your alcohol addiction. That’s why seeking professional help in getting rid of your destructive habits is very important in ensuring that your life will improve no matter how bad it might be at this point.

Get a Strong Support Base

Another important thing you need to do is start focusing and building the right support base around yourself and your overall recovery. Friends, family members, acquaintances, or even a professional can all become much-needed allies in this struggle. A reliable support network can significantly help because it encourages. 

Other addicts/alcoholics who have found ways to beat their addiction can also be a part of your support circle as they have hands-on experience in overcoming alcohol or some other form of addiction. These people can offer invaluable soothing words when one feels low and helps keep your spirits up high enough so that you don’t feel like drinking again.


Let’s face it; alcohol is a problem that a lot of us face today. Alcoholism not only affects the person drinking but also their families and friends. Drinking puts an end to your goal, and achievements you have worked hard for are destroyed due to alcoholism and its consequences. 

What is important to note is, quitting drinking can take a while. It is a gradual process, so try to be kind to yourself if it doesn’t stick on the first try. Whether you intend to reduce the intake or cut back entirely, you are doing your body a great service.


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