How Quotes Can Make Your Essay Look Great

All students want their essays to look different from the rest of their classmates. Everyone tries his best to use techniques that can help make the essay look great. Using Quotes is one of the most effective essay writing techniques that students have been using for years.

They make your essay engaging and authentic. Readers get a feeling that you have done great research work before writing. As a result, they pay attention to your essay and consider it a good piece of writing.

Unfortunately, the majority of students don’t want to work on improving their writing skills. Many of them don’t have the time. life feels stuck in today’s chaotic world. To get things sorted, students buy essays online. They use trustworthy academic platforms to get their assignments completed professionally.

However, it’s important to know when to use quotes in the right way. You should consider it important to develop a basic understanding of using quotations in essays. If you keep adding them without taking care of the grammar rules, they might not bring in desired results.

When Should You Use Quotes?

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In academic writing, you can’t use quotes the way you want. It’s mandatory to follow the right practice that professionals do. There are specific situations under which you can use quotations.

Jerry Plotnick, University/College Writing workshops’ director, suggest using quotations in the following circumstances:

  • The additional analysis is required in the paragraph
  • The paragraph has a strong voice
  • You want to support your writing with an evidence
  •  You have to build authority in your writing

Your essay becomes valuable when you use quotations under the right condition. Make sure a relevant quote is used. Text around it shouldn’t be irrelevant. 

When you use quotes in an essay, it demonstrates your great understanding of the topic. You make your text more credible by using quotes from authentic sources. Experts say that using quotes frequently in your text increases your writing abilities. 

Make sure you don’t use too many quotes. Always try to stay balanced. Use only a couple of relevant quotes throughout an essay. 

Basic Rules to Follow

Most university and college students know the basic grammar rules. They are not supposed to make childish mistakes. The first and foremost thing to follow is to use quotation marks. 

You should never forget to use quotation marks (“”) when copying words from a speech of the original speaker. It’s good to use in-text citations right after placing the direct quotes. 

If you are using a quotation from a specific book, make sure to add the page number. The main aim is to facilitate the reader so that he can double-check the reference if required. This practice adds authenticity to your essay.

Don’t make the source vague and try to get the credit of someone else. Be honest with your writing and always use the words of others in quotations. This thing should not be restricted to essays only, but you should make it a habit while writing homework assignments.

Follow the Framing Technique

Framing is the method of explaining the quote that you have used in the essay. When you use the ideas of another person, you should introduce these to your readers. Let them know why you are using a quotation. 

You become successful in grabbing the reader’s attention through the framing technique. If you have faced failure in getting positive feedback for your previous essay assignments, then try framing your quotations.

Try using a Short Quote

Readers don’t have the time to go through long quotes. It makes them feel bored. Try incorporating short quotes that are brief and clear. Don’t use long quotes as they are likely to make your essay look vague and hard to read.

Using an introductory phrase at the beginning of a quote is mandatory. In most cases, you can use the original author’s name. However, it’s not essential to use the author’s name at the beginning.

In case you have to use a long quote, make sure nothing remains unclear. You can add text in brackets to explain something that seems blurred. Text in the bracket tells the reader that this part is not included in quoted words. You are just adding text in the brackets for clarification purposes.

Provide Explanation after using a Quote

Although sometimes quotes may not need extra explanations, yet it’s a good practice to provide a commentary after mentioning a quote. Try to make it in line with your essay topic. It should work as evidence to support your opinion.

If you think something is not justified or needs clarity, don’t feel restricted. You are allowed to make an explanation so that reader can have a clear idea about the context. Talk about things like why and how this quote supports the thesis statement.


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