Are You Addicted to Alcohol- Here’s How To Find Out

Alcohol addiction is a severe problem that can ruin your life. You may drink too much, too often, and in ways that are harmful to your health. You’re also unable to stick to set limits. Sadly, you usually don’t notice the problem until it’s too late.

Most people live in denial about their alcohol addiction, which only worsens the problem. If you’re unsure whether you have a drinking problem, ask yourself the following questions:

How Often Do You Drink?

Do you drink every day or only on weekends? If you’re drinking more often than you used to, this could signify a developing addiction. Also, when the urge to drink becomes too strong to resist, you may have a drinking problem and require the help of a licensed addiction treatment professional. If that’s the case, click here to choose a treatment that suits you best, or decide to combine more of them to ensure a successful recovery.

Some who can go for days without alcohol, but then drink excessively when they do, are also considered to have a drinking problem. Seek help from a professional if you’re struggling to control your drinking. They will analyze your drinking habits and develop a plan to manage the consumption. 

Do You Feel Anxious When You’re Not Drinking?

When addicted, you drink to relieve anxiety and stress. But, when you’re not drinking, you feel anxious because your body is used to the alcohol. It creates a vicious cycle where you drink to uplift your spirits but then it feels worse when you’re not drinking. The only way to break this cycle is to get help from a professional.

Anxiety can lead to depression, which is another sign of alcoholism. You’ll constantly feel down and may not want to do anything. Alcohol numbs your emotions. Besides, reality sets in when you’re not drinking, leaving you depressed and ashamed.

Do You Have Blackouts?

If you’re having blackouts after drinking, you’re drinking too much. Blackouts happen when your blood alcohol level is so high that you can’t remember what happened while you were drinking. It’s a severe sign of alcohol addiction and requires professional help. It’s even more serious if you start to have blackouts frequently. 

The blackouts can lead to other health problems such as liver damage and heart disease. Accidents are also more likely to happen when you’re blackout drunk. Get help before it’s too late.

Do You Drink Alone?

Most people who drink socially don’t have a problem with alcohol. If you’re drinking more often alone, you may be addicted to alcohol. When you’re addicted, you start to drink because you’re bored or lonely. Drinking becomes a way to cope with life. However, it’s only a temporary fix and will eventually make your problems worse.

Besides this, if you start to hide the habit from your friends and family, it’s a sign you’re ashamed. You might even hide alcohol bottles around the house, so others won’t know how much you’re drinking.

You Have Relationship Problems

One of the first signs of alcohol addiction is when your drinking starts to cause problems in your relationships. You argue with your spouse or partner more often, and they constantly criticize your drinking. You might even neglect your children. Drinking can also cause problems at work, where you don’t perform as well as you used to. Your bosses start to notice and may give you a warning or even fire you.

Financial Problems

You might be spending more money on alcohol than you can afford. You might even start to steal money to get alcohol. It leads to legal problems and a whole lot of stress. Also, you fall short on your bills and other financial obligations. This ruins your credit score, making it hard to get a loan in the future. 

When the problem is not resolved fast, you cripple yourself financially, making it hard to recover. You end up losing your home, car, and other possessions. This also adversely affects the relationships you have with your family and friends. Most probably, you can’t pay back the money you owe them. You lie a lot, making the situation even worse.

You Have Health Problems

Alcohol addiction can also cause many health problems. They range from mild issues like a hangover to more severe problems like liver damage and cancer. Too much alcohol can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Because you’re less likely to take care of your diet when addicted, you might also gain or lose weight.

Seek Professional Help

Addiction is a disease that changes the way your brain functions. Sadly, it’s hard to overcome without professional help. Take account of your drinking habits and see if you have any of the above signs. Also, ask a close friend or family member for their opinion. If you think you might be addicted, get help from a professional as soon as possible.


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