How to write an essay?

Many students find it difficult to write essay. Essay assignments are something that we tent to put into the “long drawer,” and in the end, there comes a deadline, but nothing is ready. 
What to do in this case? At first – do not panic. There’s always a way out.If you don’t have time for writing an essay due to different factors, you can reach out some services like to find some help with writing. There are a lot of authors, that can help you with the assignment in a short time on different academic levels. 
However you might do it by your own. Here are some thought and tips how to write essay. 
Let’s start with the definition. 

What is an essay?

An essay is a written work that is a text with a clear structure.
An essay discusses a defined problem and your position on the issue. The problem is often necessary to look at it from several angles and argue the merits or disadvantages of this or that point of view. The purpose and content of the essay are strictly dependent on its variety.
Typically, the essay is considered one or another of the current issues. You can have different thoughts potentially painful themes while trying to be unique (politics, religion, specific social and cultural issues).
If you know the topic ahead of time, you may want to prepare yourself and search for reliable information on the case before writing it. All will be helpful if arguing your position. Try some academic or popular resources, such as Academia or Wikipedia
The length of the essay can be different and usually varies in the range from 180 to 1500 words. You should first determine how much text you need in your case and rely on this volume.  The style of writing is academic. This means that you must use a neutral vocabulary, unique words and phrases, write the words completely, without shortcuts (I am instead of I’m, does not instead of doesn’t, etc.). Propositions do not have to be too simple because you will have to describe the causes and consequences of the phenomena, back up the assertions with arguments, and make conclusions. 
There are several basic types of texts, which vary considerably in content and writing objectives. Most often, there are three of these types: 

  • Opinion Essay
  • For and Against Essay
  • Suggesting Solutions to a Problem Essay. 

Below we will look at the features of each of them.

Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a kind of essay that expresses your point of view on the phenomenon and defends its arguments. You should explain why you believe it is accurate, consider alternative positions on the subject, and discuss them, bringing ideas against them.
You can not forget that considering alternative points of view, you also have to be objective and conscientiously estimate their advantages and disadvantages.

For and Against Essay

In the For and Against Essay, you look at the issue from different positions, suggesting arguments for the benefit of any phenomenon or any point of view on it and just the same suggesting arguments against.
Unlike the opinion, you do not have to express your attitude; both the advantages and disadvantages of the phenomenon must be evaluated objectively. The different points of view should be treated as equal if possible.
In the conclusion of this case, you can say which position you adhere to or conclude whether the positive sides of the phenomenon prevail or not.

Suggesting Solutions to a Problem Essay

This essay gives you the problem that some people or the whole society faces, and you must describe what you can do to solve it. At the same time, you must explain why you think these actions are practical and how they will influence the situation and how effective they will be.

Structure of the essay. General writing pattern.

Different types of texts have other structures, but they all follow the same general plan. Each essay is composed of four parts:

  • the title
  •  the introduction
  •  the main part
  •  the summary

The general template for writing the essay:

Introduction – this part states the theme of the essay so that the reader understands what it is about below.

The central part – the topic of the essay is explained by expressing one’s own opinion or by looking at the problem from different angles.

Conclusion – This part discusses everything said and makes some conclusions.


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