No Motivation to Write a Paper: What Should I Do?

Should I Do?

Motivation is critical for every person to live a full and productive life, although its lack remains more common than its abundance. There can be many reasons for feeling unmotivated, including health, job, or personal problems.

Students are not an exception, and they can suffer from a lack of motivation as well as others. This condition usually impacts their study results not in the best way, and it’s easy to guess that an unmotivated student usually procrastinates and makes their future study load even heavier. 

How to Find a Motivation to Start Writing a Paper

There is a “due tomorrow” mark on the assignment, but you do not have even the slightest desire to start it… The topic is boring, the paper structure seems messy, and referencing guidelines look like some foreign book. This situation is not uncommon, and sometimes it happens to almost every student. However, here are some tips to perceive it more optimistically:

Don’t panic while thinking about the assignment.

Even if your paper is not perfect, there will be an opportunity to improve your essays in the future. Besides, mistakes are a normal part of the education process, and most professors understand it. Most colleges provide additional recommendations on paper writing and specific requirements to their formatting and content, so it’s useful to search for them. So, don’t hesitate to ask your professors or consult the college website if you have difficulties with the paper content or understanding the task itself.

Plan your actions.

If you have no motivation to write your essay, postponing it to the latest deadline wouldn’t help your motivation or the paper quality. You can start from small steps, such as collecting sources, preparing a reference page, or writing an outline. Continue doing them day by day, and your paper will be ready.

Motivate yourself with small rewards between separate parts of the paper.

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For example, when you have finished writing a paragraph, you can take some time to exercise a little or even scroll through your phone and look at cute kitten videos. But try not to make these pauses too long, so you can keep track of your writing. However, if you don’t find these small bits enjoyable enough, you can plan something bigger after finishing the whole work. For instance, you can promise yourself an evening with friends after finishing the assignment, if you have enough time after completing it (that’s why you should plan your time too!).

Reasons why students can be demotivated by paper writing 

Although most students agree that writing papers is a necessary and reasonable part of university courses, they rarely feel motivated by this assignment. Well-developed essay writing skills can help a student improve their English, if they are not from the USA, sound more professional when he applies to a job in actual companies, presents something, or prepares academic papers, such as research funding requests or reviews to articles written by other scientists. Nevertheless, these perspectives do not motivate, and most students consider writing essays time-consuming and boring.

The first reason for such an attitude can be a lack of preparation for actual writing. Academic style has requirements that differ from common ways of communication, and students need time to adapt to these changes. Many paper topics repeat yearly, and students are bored when they need to write about global warming, the negative health effects of smoking, or the importance of green energy for the ecology again and again. In contrast, some topics can be too complicated and require profound research of professional literature, which is not an easy task as well. Besides, a student can need a comprehensive guide to help themselves prepare their paper well enough. Although plenty of websites advise on essay writing, many of them are too bland and rather confuse a student than help them understand the task better.

If you are unsure about your essay writing skills or need assistance, you can order a cheap sample from the CustomWritings paper writing service. The company website processes typical “write my paper” requests and allows you to specify the length and complexity of your paper and mention the desired deadline for receiving their services. Expert writers will help you improve your writing skills and provide you with a personalized sample of structure, proper style, and formatting according to the course requirements. A customer can buy an additional service and receive comments on a sample paper from the writer to understand its organization better, so you could use this advice for your future assignments while writing from scratch. 

Steps to make paper writing easier

Finally, you have found your motivation and decided to start writing a paper today or maybe tomorrow. However, it is helpful to state a more specific goal than just “write a paper” so you can reach it in small steps instead of trying to do a giant jump.

  1. Create an outline. An outline is a paper skeleton, and if you have the main idea that you want to put in the essay, you should start by writing it down. Later, you need to find additional arguments or counterarguments that you could discuss through the text. Each idea should take approximately one paragraph so that the reader can follow your thought.
  2. Find your sources. These sources need to be credible and reliable, so don’t reach for blog articles or websites without sufficient proof of their reliability. Online encyclopedias fall under the “unreliable sources” category, although they are an excellent place to start the information search and find references for more credible information. Academic journals are good sources for essay writing, but you can cite news and articles from reputable magazines as well. If you need to cite some statistics, governmental websites may come in handy. 
  3. Expand your arguments. If you have a short argument, you need to provide an example. Depending on the paper type, you can use your experience, research data, or statistics. However, do not overuse rhetorics and affect the reader’s emotions. Academic essays need to contain primarily information and analysis.

Check the paper compliance with the requirements.

This check is the last step, and if you have a file or email where the professor specifies their requirements or provides a grading rubric, don’t forget to check it. This review does not take that much time, but it can help your grade, as minor mistakes can still worsen the overall impression of the top paper. As soon as you are sure that the paper is free of errors, original, and custom, you can submit it and feel proud of your job!


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