Quotes As Decor Elements In Your House

Motivational quotes of great people or just a set of words that have a certain meaning can serve as a beautiful interior decor. In this article, we will talk about the most popular interior design ideas that include quotes (and about the materials that the letters can be made from).

Decorate every room with meaning

Original interior quote decor will look quite appropriate in every room of your flat or house. Depending on the size and material, letters for decor and design can be placed on the wall, on a shelf, on the fireplace, on a chest of drawers, a TV console, a window sill or any other horizontal.

The entrance hall

This is the place that people first see when they get into one’s house. It is very important to set it up in a friendly way and bring a pinch of positivity to the area. Place such phrases on the mirror: “Welcome” or place the inscription “HOME” or “SWEET HOME” next to the clothes hanger.

The living room

Here, one most often receives guests. For this room, cheerful, light phrases would be the best: “Be happy”, or “Always smile”. You can also come up with humor and write something like “Very good and cheerful people live here.” right over your luxury sofa set.

For large living rooms, the wall is the ideal place to place an inscription from three-dimensional letters. Contrasting decor looks especially impressive on plain surfaces in a neutral color. In big rooms, the original “quotes” will allow you to zone the room, indicating a workplace or a rest area.

The bedroom

This is a very intimate place. Here, romantic and somewhat personal phrases will be most welcomed: “LOVE”, “Always kiss me goodnight”.

Volumetric LED letters placed at the head of the bed will contribute to creating a special atmosphere in the bedroom. Make a tender declaration of love out of them, and pleasant lighting will make your words more romantic and sincere. 

life is beautiful quote

For those who want to delicately emphasize their feelings, a quote made of designer letters in the form of a family monogram, an elegant graffiti on the ceiling or a text print on bed linen will do.

The nursery 

This is a place of fun games and learning. Here, one can place such phrases: “Learn. Learn. Learn.” This inscription is suitable for an older child. For younger children, it is quite enough to place the alphabet on the wall. 

Such a decor will definitely push an inquisitive baby to study letters. Another great idea is to place small words into the decor on the shelves, thereby delimiting their functionality. The word “BOOK” would look appropriate on a shelf with books, and “PLAY” in the toy area.

Sometimes, the name of the little owner of the room is put on the wall, but you can get creative and make a beautiful photo collage in the form of initials, or write a sentence in another language to stimulate interest in learning.

The kitchen

A place for creativity, so the quotes should also fit. For small spaces, use the refrigerator for the quote. You can buy magnetic letters and write mottos or good wishes every day, depending on your mood.

ADVICE. Having fixed a board with a slate coating on the facade of the cabinet, you can always quickly write down a recipe you like.

The office

A mini-office can be decorated, for example, with the printed sayings of successful people placed in a frame opposite the desk. Creative individuals will definitely appreciate the picture of letters and numbers drawn by a special computer program.

How to arrange decorative words and letters

Large letters for decor can be randomly placed on the wall or built into a full-fledged inscription for decoration. For extra brilliance, use different variations of fonts, colors and sizes. 

Designers do not recommend combining more than 3-4 shades in one room, so as not to visually overload the space. However, even a few contrasting decorated wall letters, assembled into a single composition, can easily enliven the most calm and restrained environment.

ADVICE. For a room where a small child lives, a method in which the elements are arranged in alphabetical order is perfect. This will help the baby learn the alphabet faster and start reading.

You can mount the decor in different ways:

  • stick the letters on the wall with double-sided tape;
  • use glue;
  • Place on a shelf for frames and pictures;
  • carefully attach to wallpaper or home textiles with sewing pins (the method is suitable, for example, for paper, textile decor);
  • use nails, screws;
  • hang on wall hooks and hangers;
  • use spider hooks.

ADVICE. The main thing is the weight of the letters. The heavier they are, the more serious approach their installation requires.

What can the inscription be made of?

Of course, not everyone has calligraphy skills, so decorator shops offer a huge selection of individual letters or a composed quote made from a variety of materials.

It is most convenient to use vinyl stickers with inscriptions. Such items cost mere dollars, it is easy to glue them on any surface, and you can also choose from existing options or ask to make your idea to order.

The second most popular are three-dimensional letters, they are made of wood or metal. They can be of different sizes – small ones fit perfectly into the decor of the shelves, while large ones can decorate the wall nicely. You can also mount backlighting in large letters, in the form of separate incandescent lamps or LED strips, so the inscription can serve as an additional lamp and look more interesting in the interior.

don call it a dream

You can make letters yourself, absolutely from different materials:

  • Sew from fabric and fill with filler;
  • Crochet;
  • Cut out of cardboard and decorate to your liking;
  • Cut out of plywood or metal;
  • You can use a slate board to write new quotes every day, this is a great option for decorating a kitchen or office.

Everything is limited only by your imagination and skills in creative work. On the Internet, there are many videos on the manufacture of such letters and inscriptions.

Furniture in the form of letters and other accessories

The trend to decorate homes with unusual quotes has also influenced furniture manufacturers, and unusual collections inspired by lettering began to appear in their catalogs. Armchairs, tables and chairs in the form of large letters and punctuation marks are quite popular. They are often used to decorate private housing, classrooms and commercial locations. Other types of cabinet furniture are also produced in the form of beautiful letters made of wood. An open “letter” rack, a creative flower stand or a “word” bookcase for books and souvenirs will help to make the atmosphere more original.

Soft accessories that repeat the design of the alphabet will add home comfort and warmth: ottomans, sofa cushions, voluminous decorative letters made of textiles or knitted patterns. Such elements can perfectly fit into any design, but, if desired, they can be diluted with more strict interior styles.


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