6 Things Men Tend To Be Self-Conscious About When It Comes To Their Body

Men are often portrayed in the media as being confident, domineering, and satisfied with the way that they look. Unfortunately, many men aren’t. In fact, many men are so unhappy and self-conscious about the way that they look, that it seriously impacts their mental health and the quality of their life.

Unrealistic expectations and the aforementioned portrayals in media put a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way. This post will tell you about six things that men tend to be very self-conscious about, as far as their bodies are concerned.


Gynecomastia (also known as ‘man boobs’) is a condition that a large percentage of men suffer from. It occurs when a man’s breasts swell. If you are wondering how to tell if you have gyno, then you need to go and see a surgeon.

A professional surgeon who specializes in the condition will not only be able to diagnose it but will also be able to offer recommendations for treating the condition and decreasing the size of your breasts.

Some people with gyno try to build their chest strength through weightlifting to remove it, but this can just make things worse.

Penis Size

A man’s penis is perhaps the thing that he’s most self-conscious about. Even men who are very well endowed have a tendency to be shy and nervous about their penis size because they don’t want to be laughed at and judged.

There is no ‘perfect’ size. Your penis is fine the way that it is. If you are very unhappy with your penis size, then you can have a surgical procedure to enlarge it. There are also some exercises that you can perform that can increase the size of your penis.

Leg Muscles

You might be surprised to learn that leg muscles are a common source of anxiety for men. There is a lot of pressure on men, especially those who go to the gym, to have muscular legs. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t, which leads to them feeling self-conscious and inferior to men who do.

leg muscles


Another source of anxiety for men is their jawline. A defined, built jaw is commended in society, and considered beautiful. Men with weak jawlines often feel very bad about the way that they look and resort to performing mewing exercises to increase the size of their jaw.

Foot Size

It’s commonly said that men with small feet and hands probably have small penises. Because of this belief, a lot of men feel very self-conscious about the size of their feet and their hands, even if they have a large penis.


Belly fat on a man tends to be associated with older men. Young men have a habit of being very self-conscious about their bellies because they don’t want to be confused with older men. With that said, a large belly, in some cultures, is a sign of wealth and is therefore desirable.

Men, like women, can be self-conscious about their bodies. The media makes it very hard for men, by broadcasting unrealistic portrayals of what men should look like. If you are self-conscious, then you may want to consider cosmetic surgery. 


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