The Truth About Psychics, What’s Fake And What’s Real?

Maybe you’ve been a clairvoyant or know some of them. Or maybe you have a friend who is clairvoyant or who regularly consults a clairvoyant. But the big question is always: is it real? Or is it just a play, hypocrisy? In this article, you can read what psychics are real and when it is nonsense.

Known Psychics Tested

That there is a lot of skepticism towards mediums and clairvoyants is partly their fault. Many stories of deception and psychological tricks make people believe that you can speak to the dead. One such trick is, for example, ‘Cold Reading.’ You use the answers that a person gives in your prediction and pretend you already knew the answer. With a little insight, anyone can learn this and call themselves a medium or clairvoyant and then earn money from the suffering of others.

Many clairvoyants cannot live up to what they claim. A well-known test is that of a skeptic. For example, Derek Ogilvie had to read the minds of 6 children and write them down on paper. He said to each child who the parents of the child were. After this, the parents had to choose which description suited their child. Ogilvie only got it right once. Despite all this, there are indeed examples of inexplicable accuracy of the predictions of clairvoyants.

Think, for example, of the predictions of Nostradamus, who predicted, among other things, the demise of Napoleon and the arrival of Hitler. In recent times, there are definitely psychics and clairvoyants that are not understood by science and get excellent results on tests that eliminate fraud. An example of this is Peter van der Hurk who has proven several times to have psychic abilities.

What Does Clairvoyance Mean?

A clairvoyant person can literally see ‘clearly,’ that is, has ‘clear sight.’ It means that one sees more than most people as if they can see through the veil of the immaterial world. The immaterial world is the world of the soul, spirits, and other entities. Traditional holidays like Halloween, Celtic Samhain, or Mexican celebrate when the veil between worlds is thinnest. At the same time, the realm of spirit is insight.

Clairvoyance can manifest itself in different ways. For example, a clairvoyant sees spirits, souls, angels, entities, or other immaterial beings. A clairvoyant may also see visions or receive messages through their dreams. These different talents ensure that every clairvoyant works differently.

Fact And Fable

In shows like Ghost Whisperer, the clairvoyant protagonist communicates with the ghosts of deceased people. The heroine takes her received messages to the bereaved. She sees the ghost disappear into the white light because he has fulfilled his last purpose on Earth. Fun, but it misrepresents clairvoyance. Communication with a deceased loved one is only possible if the deceased wants it, and messages do not always get through.

Many clairvoyants can see ghosts does not mean that every clairvoyant can or is the most common form of divination. Dreams and visions may give a wealth of details about the here and now, as well as the future and the past.

How Do You Find The ‘Right’ Psychic?

Finding a psychic is not difficult. You can easily get in touch with a psychic who suits you on our website. You can search and feel for yourself which of our psychics feels right for you and with whom you can put your question safely and confidently. Trust your own gut feeling, and you will arrive at the ‘right’ psychic for you.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel…

There is no such thing as a white lie. Energies like to be with you and hang around you. They protect you or send you messages. They do not have to cross a bridge or through a tunnel of white light to be delivered. They already are. They just want to share the love with you and protect you from evil people or bad choices. Sometimes they want to warn you or give you advice, then a clairvoyant can come in handy to interpret the message.

Do you have questions for or about a deceased loved one, and would you like answers? Do you need insight into a sent message or a special experience that you cannot explain? A clairvoyant may be able to help you with this. Call or chat with one of our psychics to find more clarity. They are waiting for you with lots of love!

To Predict The Future

Psychic counselors can predict the future, only they don’t do it in the literal sense of the word. A clairvoyant makes contact with your energy and the energy of your future. Maybe they feel a whole new energy, very masculine or abundant energy. In the context of your question, this can provide a lot of insight into your choices. When a psychic predicts the future, you will never receive a literal answer. It is up to you to interpret the answer and put it into context; by asking more questions, a psychic counselor can help you with this.

Psychics Of This Time

Fortune telling and predicting the future certainly does not only happen in fairy tales, sagas, and myths. It was quite normal to consult an oracle or seer (fortune teller) in the past. For example, many kings had a sage at court with psychic abilities. In our society, asking for advice from someone who can see more is less common, but it is still done. On our website, you will find many psychic consultants ready to help you, whatever question you have.

Have you become curious or have an urgent question about your future? Please contact one of our consultants. With little effort and low price, they can provide you with more insights and maybe even glimpse your future. Call or use the chat and find out today!


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