How to Become a Real Couple After Dating Online

If you daydream about finding your soulmate simply by swiping right, you are not alone. Online dating sites have become so sophisticated that anyone can hope to find the best romantic partner. In this social media age, it is natural for people to hope that they can find a dating partner just by using their phones. In fact, over 53% of Australians have confirmed that they have used online dating resources to find a mate. It means that just like anywhere else in the world, singles in Australia are prepared to say yes when they are asked to give a dating app a shot.

The percentage of people using online dating sites is growing by the day, and there is an equal rise in the number of people who think online dating platforms are a good way of meeting real people with the potential for long-term relationships.  And once you have found someone who looks interesting and communicates well, you may want to turn your “casual” connection into something serious. If you both make each other laugh or enjoy one another’s company, you may want to think about making it official.

Here is a bit about how you can find a partner in Australia and become a couple.

Pick the Best Dating Site

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In Australia, dating is as casual as everything else in this country, and a date is usually an informal meeting, which could be as simple as going to the pub together. But, the dating sites have simplified the whole process and made it even more “informal” yet exciting.  Therefore, the first thing to enjoy online dating in Australia is to pick the most resourceful dating platform. It should offer various modes of communication to help confirm that you two are compatible with each other. And if you are more into long-term dating and looking for a soulmate, do not be afraid to pick a niche dating site even if it involves paying some money.

Pick the “Normal” Photo Guy

With so many options available, it can be hard to pick someone suitable for a serious relationship. If you want to be a couple in the future, you should not be afraid to pick the “normal” photo individual who has an interesting profile. Do not just pick someone because their picture would look great on the cover of a fashion magazine. Go for photos that look simple and are not overdone. Those modeling headshots may look attractive, but those guys are never relationship material.  Get in a conversation, and you will soon notice their potential to be a good romantic partner.

Talk to Ensure Your Core Values Match

Whether you are still in the process of knowing your partner through online chat or you have already started meeting in person, use your time to ensure your core values are clear upfront. It can be difficult for someone who holds their “faith” very important to them and does not want to be with someone who does not share that core value.  Being straightforward about your big deal breakers is one important step towards becoming a couple after dating online.

Be Honest About Your Preferences and Requirements

Everyone has expectations, and that is okay, but hiding them until the last minute can keep you from becoming a couple after meeting online.  Talking about your desire for children, relationship history, pet preferences, and other dating expectations is important to turn a casual meeting into something serious. It is also important to understand that online chatting is a great way to know your partner, but when you are into serious dating, it is better to save the interesting conversation points for later. For Australians, face-to-face connections matter a lot, and therefore, you need to leave something for real-life dates.

Do Not Jump to Conclusions

Sometimes, the person you know through their profile and online messaging is entirely different in real life. They may be shyer or take some time to open up. Therefore, it is important not to be quick in making a decision.

Do not focus solely on what type of a person you like, but give it more time and see what the other person brings to the relationship. You do not have to be exactly the same as your partner or else there will be no fun in living together. Say what you like but respect your partner’s opinions as well. Let them share their feelings and then decide if you two connect in some ways or not.


Finding a dating partner online is no longer difficult, thanks to many Australian dating platforms, but using them sensibly is crucial, and how to handle your real-life dates will determine the outcome of your relationship. Do not make a hasty decision, and take your time to learn more about your partner before you decide to take steps to become a couple and eventually make it official.


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