Where to get a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications

If you’ve chosen to study Telecommunications, you should know that there’s a myriad of degrees you can earn in this field. Even so, majoring in Telecommunications, especially in Telecommunications Engineering is not frequently offered in the US. There’s a small number of reputable schools that offer such programs, as well as some online programs for those who want to study remotely.

That being said, I’ve narrowed down your education choices to the top schools where you can get a Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications. Enjoy!

1. University of Southern California

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The University of Southern California currently offers two programs in Telecommunications. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this grand private university is known to be one of the best research institutions in the country. Since it was founded in 1880, it is also the oldest private research university on the territory of California.

In the The Wall Street Journal, the USC ranked 18th among over a thousand private and public universities. It is ranked alongside schools like Stanford University and Caltech, which definitely makes it one of the top choices of students.

Enrolling in this school is not simple considering that they have had a record number of applications for each study year. But, if you manage to get yourself in one of the best private research schools to study telecommunication, you can expect excellent education and big prospects for the future. USC is a distinguished facility that taught five Nobel laureates and dozens of prestigious awards’ recipients.

Naturally, studying in a university with such vast research options will require a great deal of dedication on your behalf. Seeing how this is primarily a research educational facility, you’ll be asked to frequently perform research and work on such projects. As one of their former students, I found it hard to get through all the daily tasks and assignments within the time I had. This is why I found a writing service, Edubirdie, which provides opportunity for students to write their essays fast and used them whenever I struggled with difficulty completing a home assignment. At this point, I was immensely happy to have found the company.

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2. University of Maryland-College

The University of Maryland-College Park currently has 2 programs in Telecommunications. This is a big public university found in a crowded suburb, making it the perfect spot for students who want to immerse themselves in campus life. The school offers Bachelor’s studies in Telecommunications, as well as a Master’s program. Due to the popularity of the institution as well as the course, there are hundreds of graduates each year.

3. George Washington University

This is yet another private university located in one of the biggest cities in the US. It offers two degrees in Telecommunications for those who wish to pursue education in this field, as well as an opportunity to obtain your Master’s and PhD degree at one of the top-rated academic institutions in the world.

The University is a private research educational institution in Washington, D.C. It was open back in 1821 and chartered by a United States Congress’ Act. Ever since, it has been considered to be one of the best educational and research institutions across the globe.

4. University of Texas, Dallas

This particular institution is also a quite renowned one, though it isn’t as highly ranked as the first three choices in the list. But, it offers the biggest variety of programs in Telecommunication – even six of them. The University of Texas is a public university, making it a more accessible choice for students on a budget. It’s located in a small city and has a solid number of Telecommunications graduates. In 2015, this number came up to 76, out of which 2 students obtained their Doctoral degrees. 

5. University of Colorado Boulder

Lastly, I have chosen another public university with a very popular and quality program for Telecommunication. At this school, you can choose between two programs and obtain Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in this amazing study area. They have hundreds of students graduating in these programs each year and the interest keeps growing.

The academic institutions that offer Telecommunications degrees are not quite numerous in the United States. Even so, there are several more in addition to these where you can obtain your desired idea or continue your education in the field. These five are the top rated by students who have studied Telecommunications, including me.

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Cory Shilling is a network system analyst for a big company he co-owns with his best friend from college. He has recently obtained his PhD degree in Telecommunications Engineering. In his spare time, Cory enjoys travelling the world and writing on his blog.


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