Most Popular University Rankings in 2021

Choosing a future occupation is one of the most important decisions in life. And not all know in advance where to study. The choice of future profession and the place of its acquisition should be treated as responsibly as possible. Just as you put a lot of thought into choosing a reliable do my paper service, even more thought you should put into choosing your future school.

The best universities have a good reputation, scientific publications, a great number of teachers and students of the native country, and foreign students and teachers. The level of teaching at the university, research activities, innovation, and activity in the scientific environment is also very important.

The University Matters

Where to look for the answer about the best universities in the country? QS rankings have become the world’s most popular source of comparative data on university performance.

Quacquarelli Symonds, a global analytical agency in the field of higher education and the compiler of the most popular ranking of the best universities in the world, published its World University Rankings by Subject 2021, which includes 1,452 universities worldwide.

10 Best Universities In The World 2021

We offer to find out which universities turned out to be the best for higher education this year. Below we publish the top 10 universities in the world according to the QS rating and talk about them in more detail. Leading positions in the quality of education abroad are occupied by universities in the United States and Great Britain.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Founded in 1861, the school has about a thousand teachers and more than 11 thousand students. The strongest curricula at the institute are information technology, physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and economics. The university has a nuclear reactor, wind tunnel and towing pool, and many laboratories for practical and scientific work. Tuition starts at $50,000 per year.

2. Stanford University.

More than 7,000 students and more than 9,000 graduate students are educated at Stanford. Tuition costs start at $50,000 per year.

3. Harvard University.

Harvard University has 21,000 students. Among the university graduates are eight US presidents, Pulitzer and Nobel laureates, and Oscar winners. The tuition fee for Bachelor’s degree is $68,875 a year, for a Master’s degree is $73,000 a year, and for MBA is $106,800 a year.

4. The California Institute of Technology.

It is one of the strongest in the United States specializing in the exact sciences. The California Institute of Technology has a NASA-owned jet lab, a seismological lab, and an international network of observatories. More than 2,000 students study at the university. The tuition fee for Bachelor’s degree is $68,901 a year and $77,605 a year for a Master’s degree.

5. The University of Oxford.

It is believed that they taught there in the 11th century. In total, about 22,000 students study in Oxford, 40% of whom are foreigners. The university consists of 38 colleges, the main areas of study in which are the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, physics, medicine.

6. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

20,000 students from 120 countries study here. The school’s most famous graduate is the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, who received the 1,921 Nobel Prize in Physics.

7. The University of Cambridge.

The doors of Cambridge University were opened in 1,209, and now there are about 18 thousand students. You can read about it more at the best essay writing service review. Celebrities such as Prince Charles and Stephen Hawking graduated from the university. The university has more than 100 libraries, nine world-famous art, scientific and cultural museums, as well as a botanical garden.

8. Imperial College London.

The college has developed a magnetometer for the NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft, a multiple rapid HIV test, an innovative hypersensitive sensor to detect disease by blood tests, and much more. Imperial College London is one of the most international universities in the world, 59% of university students are foreigners. In total, the college has about 15,000 students.

9. The University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago has a brilliant reputation for its departments, such as Pritzker Medical School, Booth Business School, and Harris School of Public Policy Research. About 16,000 students study at the University of Chicago, a quarter of whom came from abroad.

10. University College London. Founded in 1826.

It was at University College London for the first time in England that students were able to enroll regardless of gender or religion. Currently, 18,000 students from more than 150 countries study here. Among the staff and students of the university, there are 29 Nobel laureates.

Choosing Your Destiny

choose your destiny

The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a higher education institution is the quality of education. Gather information about the university from friends or acquaintances, in bookstores you can buy books that contain information about a particular educational institution or just go to your chosen university.

Don’t forget that a diploma only gives you a pass to this world, and what you achieve in it depends only on you. We wish you good luck in choosing a university and the work will make you happy.


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