Here are the reasons why plagiarism can be harmful to the students

Plagiarism is unethical and can cause some serious consequences on the lives of students.

In this article, we’ll discuss those reasons which can be harmful to the students.

But, before starting the discussion, you must have complete knowledge of plagiarism and its several types in academic work.

So, without wasting any more time, here we go:

What is Plagiarism and its types?

Plagiarism means representing another person’s work as your own without crediting the actual source.

Here a student or writer passes off the main idea of another person as his own without adding any reference.


Types of Plagiarism in Academics

Following are some common types of plagiarism and can be harmful to many students.

Direct Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism occurs when a student copies a word-to-word section of the content without using any quotation.

It also happens when someone forgets to cite the actual source of the original content.

And if a teacher or a lecturer finds any copied content in the assignments of the students, they have the complete right to take any strict action against students.

Mosaic Plagiarism

It happens when a student copy phrases or any other material without referencing the original author.

This plagiarism can be called patch-writing where a student copies some specific part of the content to rewrite in his/her own words.

This kind of copywriting is unethical and considered academic dishonest.

Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism happens when a student neglects to cite the original source of the content while writing unique content.

It can occur when a student accidentally paraphrases a piece of content by replacing some specific word or sentences.

To prevent this, students must know how to cite the actual sources in the content to avoid plagiarism.


This type of plagiarism happens when a student uses his/her previous submitted work to complete the task with the professor’s permission.

If any self-plagiarized content is found in the assignments or research work of the students, they can be expelled from the college or university.

Source-Based Plagiarism

Plagiarism may happen by adding a different reference in the content.

If a teacher or lecturer finds a source that doesn’t exist or may be incorrect, then it will be a misleading citation.

It also happens when a student uses the secondary source of information and cites the primary source of the original content.

This incorrect citation must be prevented to make assignments or research papers copyright-free.

Why Students Plagiarize?

Students commit plagiarism for the mentioned below reasons:

1.   Fear of Failure

Fear is one of the main reasons why a student writes copied content in assignments and other academic work.

This happens when a student loses his expectations to write creative content for the research work.

2.   Pressure


A huge amount of pressure on students from teacher to complete assignment work on time leads students to commit plagiarism.

Also, high expectations from the teacher or public lead students to copy content for submitting academics tasks on time.

3.   Lack of Interest

One of the main reasons why students use copied content is the lack of interest.

Most of the students don’t care about the assignment topic and they don’t think to spend any energy on completing the task.

So, they feel comfortable to go with academic dishonesty to complete the tasks within the given time.

Further in this article, we’re going to discuss the reasons why the plagiarized content can be harmful to the lives of students.

4 Reasons why Plagiarism can be harmful for the Students

Plagiarism affects the lives of many college or university students in several ways.

One of the main reasons that why a student commits plagiarism is the lack of knowledge on how to properly cite the original sources.

Followings are the major reasons that can cause serious consequences for the students:

1.   Plagiarism Destroys the Students Reputation

If a teacher finds a student guilty of committing plagiarism in any research work, it can cause some serious repercussions for students.

Also, the academic record of the student reflects the ethics offense and he/she can be banned from studying in different colleges,

All of the colleges and universities take plagiarism as a very serious offense.

Also, many educational institutes have proper academic committees that police students for writing plagiarized content in research work.

At a school level, a student can be expelled or suspended from the institute for writing copied content in assignments.

2.   Plagiarism Destroys the Academic Reputation

The academic reputation of a student will be ruined with a single plagiarism allegation.

Teachers or lecturers have some little patience for plagiarized content because the students to learn honestly.

If a student is caught writing any duplicate content, he might be rusticated from the institution.

The repercussions of copyright content are widely spread in the academic world.

Also, a single incident of copying content will diminish the chances of a reference from the lecturer for a study abroad or scholarship program application.

3.   Plagiarism Cause many Legal Consequences

The legal repercussions of writing a copied content can be quite serious.

Copyright content laws are very strict for everyone and an author has the complete right to take any action against the plagiarist.

A student can’t use another person’s work in his/her assignment without crediting the actual source of the original content.

Some types of plagiarism may be counted as a serious crime and can lead the plagiarist to a serious prison sentence.

Also, most of the journalists are specifically suspected of some major copyright issues.

Every student and writer must be aware of all copyright content laws and different ways to avoid plagiarism in the content.

4.   Personal Toll

Plagiarism keeps you away from learning new things.

It gives you an unfair benefit over several students who are doing their own creative work.

Being punished or expelled from the college can damage the reputation of a student.

It is very harmful to the students and it also undermines a lecturer’s trust in you.

Other students will lose respect for the plagiarist and they really don’t like to do any work or project with him.

If you write copied content and you’re not caught, your self-esteem will be effected by knowing that you don’t deserve the received grades.

How Students Can Avoid Plagiarism

Every student has to write original and copyright free academic material.

The very first thing a student needs to do is to credit the actual source of content.

While writing the assignments and other research work, students need to copy the main idea of the original author to write a new assignment.

There is no need to copy the complete sentence or paragraphs.

The student must have to keep complete track of all the sources of the content used in the research work.

After that, the student needs to paraphrase the actual source in his/her own words to make a unique assignment.

To check plagiarism, most of the students use multiple plagiarism checkers to check the originality of the content.

Plagiarism checker for students with report is widely used by students to check the uniqueness of their assignments to avoid consequences from their institute.

Also, don’t forget to add the in-text citation and a reference list at the end of the assignment to avoid plagiarism and make the assignment authentic.

Students must add the complete sources of the original author in the content to avoid plagiarism.

Last Words

Plagiarism is a very serious offense and can destroy the lives of many students.

It occurs due to the pressure of the public, fear of failure, and lack of interest in creating new content.

Students must avoid writing plagiarized content because this will completely destroy their reputation and professional career.


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