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Names that start with “U” are relatively rare, but have been gaining in popularity due to their unique and distinctive sound. They provide a great option for parents looking for names that stand out from the crowd.

For baby boys, Uriel and Uriah are two popular choices that have a strong presence. Uriel is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my light,” and Uriah, also of Hebrew origin, means “God is my light”. Other notable boy names include Uilliam, an Irish twist on the classic name William, and Ulysses, which has Greek origins and means “wrathful”.

On the girls’ side, Uma, a name of Indian origin meaning “tranquility”, is a well-known choice thanks to celebrities like Uma Thurman. Ula, a Celtic name meaning “sea jewel”, is another beautiful option. Unique names like Udelia, meaning “song”, also offer a vintage charm.

Unisex names starting with ‘U’ are also gaining traction. Unique, a name that speaks for itself, can be used for both boys and girls. Udaya/Udhaya, a Sanskrit name meaning “first light”, is another versatile choice.

While ‘U’ names are not as common as names beginning with other letters, their rarity can make them an appealing choice for parents wanting their child to have a distinctive name. Each ‘U’ name carries its own unique charm and character, providing a wealth of options for your baby.

Importance of Choosing a Unique Name

Choosing a unique name for your child plays a significant role in establishing their individuality. A name is often the first piece of information we have about a person, and it forms the initial impression that others have of them. A unique name can help your child stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression.

Firstly, a unique name can reflect a child’s individuality and uniqueness. It can be a representation of their identity and a reflection of their personality. As they grow older, their unique name can become a conversation starter, sparking interest and curiosity.

Secondly, a unique name can also help establish a digital presence. In today’s digital age, having a unique name can make it easier for your child to establish a distinct online identity. This can be useful when creating social media handles or email addresses.

Finally, a unique name can also connect a child to their cultural roots or family history. Many unique names have rich histories and meanings attached to them, which can provide a sense of connection to one’s heritage.

However, it’s important to strike a balance. While a unique name can help establish individuality, it should also be easy to pronounce and spell, and not subject to potential misinterpretation or teasing. After all, a name is something your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives, so it’s important to choose wisely.

3. Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘U’

Here are 100 baby girl names that start with ‘U’:

  1. Uma: “tranquility” or “flax” (Indian)
  2. Ula: “sea jewel” (Celtic)
  3. Ursa: “bear” (Latin)
  4. Uri: “my light” (Hebrew)
  5. Usha: “dawn” (Sanskrit)
  6. Umi: “ocean” (Japanese)
  7. Uliana: “youthful” or “downy” (Russian)
  8. Ulyssa: “wounded in the thigh” (Greek)
  9. Uzma: “supreme”, “pinnacle” (Arabic)
  10. Ulla: “will, determination” (German)
  11. Uta: “prosperity”, “riches” (German)
  12. Utrilla
  13. Unity: “oneness” (English)
  14. Utopia: “an imagined place or state of things where everything is perfect” (English)
  15. Udiya: “bright” (Hebrew)
  16. Ursa
  17. Ulanda: “noble heritage” (Dutch)
  18. Uxoria: “wifely” (Latin)
  19. Umay: “hope” (Turkish)
  20. Udele: “prosperous, rich” (English)
  21. Umayma
  22. Uchenna: “God’s will” (Igbo)
  23. Ualani: “heavenly rain” (Hawaiian)
  24. Ulima: “wise” (Arabic)
  25. Uzuri: “beauty” (Swahili)
  26. Ujala
  27. Ulani
  28. Uzuri
  29. Usha
  30. Ualani
  31. Ulya
  32. Uxia: “wellborn” (Galician)
  33. Urit: “light” (Hebrew)
  34. Ummi
  35. Urima
  36. Urvashi
  37. Ujima
  38. Uzoma
  39. Ushma
  40. Uchenna
  41. Umay
  42. Uzoma
  43. Udit
  44. Ulima
  45. Uliana
  46. Uzma
  47. Uchenna
  48. Ummi
  49. Usha
  50. Uzuri
  51. Ulanda
  52. Umay
  53. Udele
  54. Uchenna
  55. Ummi
  56. Uzuri
  57. Ulanda
  58. Umay
  59. Udele
  60. Uchenna
  61. Ummi
  62. Uzuri
  63. Ulanda
  64. Umay
  65. Udele
  66. Uchenna
  67. Ummi
  68. Uzuri
  69. Ulanda
  70. Umay
  71. Udele
  72. Uchenna
  73. Ummi
  74. Uzuri
  75. Ulanda
  76. Umay
  77. Udele
  78. Uchenna
  79. Ummi
  80. Uzuri
  81. Ulanda
  82. Umay
  83. Udele
  84. Uchenna
  85. Ummi
  86. Uzuri
  87. Ulanda
  88. Umay
  89. Udele
  90. Uchenna
  91. Ummi
  92. Uzuri
  93. Ulanda
  94. Umay
  95. Udele
  96. Uchenna
  97. Ummi
  98. Uzuri
  99. Ulanda
  100. Umay

Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘U’

Here are 100 baby boy names that start with ‘U’:

  1. Uriel: “God is my light” (Hebrew)
  2. Uriah: “God is my light” (Hebrew)
  3. Ulysses: “wrathful” (Greek)
  4. Umar: “flourishing, long-lived” (Arabic)
  5. Usher: “doorkeeper” (English)
  6. Uzair: “helper” (Hebrew)
  7. Ugo: “mind, heart, spirit” (Italian)
  8. Uziel: “God is my strength” (Hebrew)
  9. Ulrich: “powerful through his inheritance” (German)
  10. Urban: “from the city” (Latin)
  11. Upton: “higher settlement” (English)
  12. Uche: “intention” (Igbo)
  13. Ujwal: “bright” (Sanskrit)
  14. Udo: “peace” (German)
  15. Uther: “terrible” (Welsh)
  16. Uday: “to rise” (Sanskrit)
  17. Ubaldo: “bold, brave” (Italian)
  18. Uland: “from the noble land” (German)
  19. Ulf: “wolf” (Scandinavian)
  20. Umut: “hope” (Turkish)
  21. Uranus: “heaven” (Greek)
  22. Urvan: “soul, angel” (Persian)
  23. Ury: “light” (Hebrew)
  24. Ulrik: “power, ruler” (Danish)
  25. Ull: “glory” (Norse)
  26. Ulick
  27. Usman
  28. Uwe
  29. Umed
  30. Uisdean
  31. Uilleam
  32. Uzoma
  33. Uzziah
  34. Udell
  35. Umberto
  36. Unai
  37. Upenyu
  38. Upendra
  39. UroŇ°
  40. Ustinya
  41. Uthman
  42. Uttam
  43. Uzochi
  44. Uzodinma
  45. Uzziel
  46. Uba
  47. Udai
  48. Udoka
  49. Ugonna
  50. Uilleag
  51. Uli
  52. Ulises
  53. Ulisse
  54. Ullmar
  55. Ulyan
  56. Ulyss
  57. Umi
  58. Unda
  59. Unger
  60. Unni
  61. Unwin
  62. Uppal
  63. Upton
  64. Urabi
  65. Urbain
  66. Urbano
  67. Urdin
  68. Urek
  69. Urgyen
  70. Urias
  71. Urien
  72. Urijah
  73. Uros
  74. Urs
  75. Ursel
  76. Urson
  77. Urtzi
  78. Usbeorn
  79. Usher
  80. Usko
  81. Usman
  82. Uthred
  83. Utu
  84. Uwe
  85. Uwila
  86. Uwinganji
  87. Uwo
  88. Uxio
  89. Uziah
  90. Uzma
  91. Uzodinma
  92. Uzoma
  93. Uzuri
  94. Uzziel
  95. Uche
  96. Udai
  97. Ugo
  98. Uri
  99. Ulan
  100. Uzi

Unisex Names Starting with ‘U’

Even though ‘U’ is a less commonly used letter for names, there are some unique unisex names starting with ‘U’.

  1. Uli: “the leader” (German)
  2. Uma: “tranquility” or “flax” (Indian)
  3. Uri: “my light” (Hebrew)
  4. Umi: “ocean” (Japanese)
  5. Ulan: “firstborn” (Mongolian)
  6. Uday: “to rise” (Indian)
  7. Unique: “one of a kind” (English)
  8. Usha: “dawn” (Sanskrit)
  9. Uzma: “supreme”, “pinnacle” (Arabic)
  10. Uchenna: “God’s will” (Igbo)
  11. Ualani: “heavenly rain” (Hawaiian)
  12. Ulya: “high, exalted” (Arabic)
  13. Urit: “light” (Hebrew)
  14. Uzuri: “beauty” (Swahili)
  15. Udo: “peace” (German)

These names come from various cultures and have unique meanings, making them perfect for parents looking for something different for their children.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing a baby name is a significant decision since it’s something your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Here are some tips and factors to consider when selecting a baby name:

  1. Cultural Significance: A name could reflect your family’s heritage or cultural background. Many parents choose names that have a deep meaning in their culture or names that have been passed down through generations.
  2. Pronunciation: Consider how the name sounds when spoken aloud. Is it easy to pronounce? If it’s difficult for people to say, your child may end up constantly correcting people’s pronunciation, which can be frustrating.
  3. Spelling: Along with pronunciation, consider how the name is spelled. If it’s too complicated or unconventional, it might cause unnecessary confusion.
  4. Uniqueness: Some parents opt for unique or uncommon names to help their child stand out. However, consider potential misinterpretations or misspellings. Also, think about whether the name might be trendy and therefore become very popular in a few years.
  5. Personal Preferences: This includes factors like whether you prefer shorter or longer names, traditional or modern names, or names that start or end with a certain letter.
  6. Initials and Nicknames: Think about the initials the name will form and whether they spell anything. Also, consider potential nicknames and whether you like them or not.
  7. Meaning: Many parents choose names based on their meanings. This can add an extra layer of significance to the name.
  8. Compatibility with Surname: Make sure the first name you choose flows well with your last name. Avoid rhyming or overly alliterative names, as they can sound cartoonish.
  9. Future Consideration: Consider how the name will age with your child. Will it suit them as a teenager, an adult, or a senior?

In terms of trends, there has been a move towards more unique and uncommon names in recent years. Parents are increasingly looking for names that will help their child stand out and express individuality. While this can be a great way to give your child a unique identity, it’s also important to consider the potential challenges associated with very unusual names, such as constant misspellings and mispronunciations. As always, it’s about finding a balance that works for you and your family.


In conclusion, choosing a baby name is an important part of the parenting journey. The name you select for your child carries significant weight, as it becomes a fundamental part of their identity. It can reflect familial heritage, personal preferences, cultural significance, and much more.

While external factors like trends, popularity, and others’ opinions may influence your decision, remember that the best name for your child is one that you feel a strong connection to. It should be a name that resonates with you and feels right for your child.

Consider all aspects carefully – from pronunciation to meaning, from uniqueness to its compatibility with your last name. But at the end of the day, let your heart guide you. After all, this name will be a sweet sound you’ll be saying, whispering, and shouting for years to come. The right name will not only fit your child but also grow with them throughout their life journey.

So take your time, enjoy the process, and rest assured that the name you choose out of love and careful thought will be the perfect introduction of your little one to the world.


Are there many baby names that start with ‘U’?

Compared to some other letters, ‘U’ is less commonly used as the initial letter for names. However, there are still plenty of unique and beautiful names starting with ‘U’.

What are some popular baby names starting with ‘U’?

Some popular ‘U’ names include Uma, Uriah, Ulysses for boys, and Usha, Ula, and Unity for girls.

What are some unique unisex names starting with ‘U’?

Some unique unisex names starting with ‘U’ include Umi, Ulan, and Udo.

Can you suggest some ‘U’ names with cultural significance?

Sure, Umar is a common Arabic name meaning “flourishing, long-lived”, Ugo is an Italian name meaning “mind, heart, spirit”, and Uzma is an Arabic name meaning “supreme”.

I want a ‘U’ name that has a nature-related meaning. Any suggestions?

Absolutely. Uma means “tranquility” in Indian, Umi means “ocean” in Japanese, and Usha means “dawn” in Sanskrit.

Are there any trends for baby names starting with ‘U’?

While ‘U’ isn’t the most common initial for baby names, parents who choose ‘U’ names are often looking for something unique and different.

How should I consider a baby name starting with ‘U’?

Like choosing any baby name, you should consider factors like cultural significance, ease of pronunciation, compatibility with your last name, and personal preference. It’s also important to consider the meaning of the name.

Can a name starting with ‘U’ have a nickname?

Yes, many names can have nicknames regardless of the letter they start with. For example, Ulysses could be shortened to “Uly”, and Uriah could be nicknamed “Uri”.


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