10 Best Gifts For Dad This 2022

Whether you’re celebrating an occasion or just want your dad to feel special, giving them gifts would always be a great idea. This way, you can show how much you appreciate them and how great a father they are in your family. As you pick the perfect gift for a dad this 2022, it’ll be nice if you could be more creative by looking for things they can actually use and not just something you can easily grab from a shelf.  

As you shop for the perfect gift, you might have trouble looking for the best one, especially since there are plenty of options to choose from. To help you out, listed below are some of the best gifts for your father this 2022: 

1. Personalized Leather Briefcase 

If you want to give your Dad a gift that he will use and appreciate every single work day, then consider buying him a personalized leather briefcase. Go for one made of full grain leather like a Von Baer bag, and he’ll be treated with years of use, as the briefcase will age with leather patina, helping it to look perfect for years to come.  

To make things more fun, it’ll be great if you could personalize gifts for dad by engraving their initials or writing a short quote that reminds you of your father. It could be about how much you value him or how much you’d like to keep him safe and sound. It’ll be a small gesture that your dad would surely appreciate.  

personalized briefcase

“Personalized Briefcase from Vonbaer.com”

2. Fleece Pullover 

Almost every dad has their own pullover as they’re easy to wear and would match any outfit they’re going with. However, if you’d like to give your father something extra special and comfortable, you might consider giving him a fleece pullover.

With this, you can allow your dad to be hugged by the softest and most comfy fabric that’ll surely feel good as it touches his skin. Don’t worry; they won’t look too fluffy, as they’re usually extra soft on the jacket’s inner lining.

3. Wrist Watch 

A classic dad gift would be a wristwatch. While it might seem basic, this is something that dads would surely appreciate. Apart from a high-value gift, a wristwatch is also something they’ll wear every day, allowing them to think of you every day.

As they get themselves ready for work, they can see your watch and it’ll instantly bring them into a good mood. To make it more special, you can engrave a saying or quote, their initials on the back, or even your name so he can carry his family with him wherever he goes.  

4. Smart Mug 

If your dad is an avid coffee lover, then you can probably see him with his cup wherever he goes. If you see him always complaining about how his coffee gets cold quickly, you might consider giving him a smart mug.

This helps to warm up the mug as long as possible, keeping anything warm and delicious. This finally allows your dad to have a warm cup of coffee even when they’re working inside a cool room. Moreover, they can also take this with them inside their office or just allow it for their home use.  

5. BBQ Grill 

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ grill as one of the gifts for dad? If your family usually gathers around for a Sunday BBQ or your dad just likes to cook one whenever he pleases, giving him a brand-new BBQ grill would be great. 

If you have an extra budget with you, giving him the latest model that can accommodate a large number of meats would be something that’ll make him happy. You can choose between giving him a charcoal, kamado, pellet, or gas grill. Just decide which one would be most convenient and fun for your dad.  

6. Smart Speaker 

Today, the world of technology is slowly taking over many people’s lives, including their homes. To allow your dad to be more modern and updated with the latest tech, it’ll be great if you could purchase smart speakers they can use for their home. 

You can even add some smart lights to make their home smart-integrated. You can teach them what commands they can make and allow their home to be more comfortable and accessible. This will help them save time and effort and focus on what’s more important.  

7. Workout Clothes 

If your father likes to keep themselves fit, as they frequently visit the gym or goes out for a run, then give him. A set of workout clothes would be a great gift idea.

Even if they’re comfortable with what they already have, playing with various colors and designs for workout clothes would always be fun. It’s the perfect excuse to experiment with colors, as no one will judge you for wearing fun and eccentric workout clothes. You can even throw in a gift receipt in case they want a different size or color.  

8. Sunglasses 

For a father who’s always out and about, giving them their own pair of sunglasses would surely come in handy. If your dad is already wearing eyeglasses, you could ask what is their prescription and allow the sunglasses to have the same grade. This prevents them from wearing two glasses as they can let everything be in one product. 

Alternatively, you can even switch to transition lenses that are clear indoors and switch to a dark shade when outdoors. This prevents them from switching from one pair to another as their eyeglasses change for them.  

9. Portable Jump Starter 

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of the road and your car suddenly deciding to turn off. To avoid inconvenience, you should give your father a portable jump starter.

This allows them to light up their vehicle and let themselves get back on the road safely. This would be a great option if your dad usually travels to distant places wherein they might not get help from other drivers or gas stations. 

10. Beer Subscription Box 

If your dad is a beer person, then giving them a subscription box or package would surely be something they’d appreciate. Even if your dad already has his favorite, giving him the chance to taste new flavors would surely help o widen his choices.

Luckily, plenty of beer subscription boxes you can purchase online allow them to receive new flavors every month. This just might give your dad a chance to find his new favorite.  


Giving the perfect gift for your dad can make the room full of smiles and love. As you look for the perfect gift, you should depend on your father’s personality and likes. But as long as it’s something from you and you put a lot of thought into it, it’ll surely be something they’ll appreciate and cherish forever.


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