Why Infidelity Happens More in 2022

Infidelity is nothing new. It has been around for as long as people have tried to partner monogamously. Marital infidelity happens very often, and you might also cheat on someone if you’re together and you’ve verbally committed to one another, but you have not married.

In the past, infidelity might happen with phone conversations facilitating it. Maybe two lovers would leave notes for each other in a hidden spot. In 2022, though, technology has made that kind of behavior unnecessary.

We’ll talk about how technology has brought about infidelity’s rise in the following article.

Dating and Cheating Apps

Infidelity is divorce’s number one cause in 2022. If you think about that, it probably won’t surprise you all that much.

Infidelity often happens when one or both parties in a relationship feel like the other person isn’t meeting their needs. Maybe that person isn’t meeting their physical needs, but emotional requirements matter just as much.

If you go online and look around for a while, you’ll find hundreds of different dating and cheating apps and websites. Some sites and apps exist specifically for affairs, like Ashley Madison. It’s a site designed specifically for married people, and millions of members use it.

You can use a laptop or desktop to sign up for one of these dating or cheating sites, but many individuals use a smartphone. Some of them will have the apps they’re using to cheat on their phones, and they’ll try to keep their spouse or partner from looking at that phone. Others will use a burner cell phone to cheat, and they’ll hide that phone from their spouse or partner.

Why Do People Cheat?

Since cheating is so much easier in 2022 with so much new technology around, some people want to do it simply because a relationship bores them. Maybe they marry a person, or they’re committed to them, but after a while, they feel like they want to start playing the field again.

Rather than talk to their spouse or partner about meeting their needs, they want the thrill that cheating provides. They like sneaking around, and they even enjoy hiding the app or phone they use to do it.

Other times, two people will remain together for many years. They’ll grow apart emotionally, but they feel like they need to stay together for the kids. Someone might also cheat because they feel like the other person takes them for granted.

A spouse or partner might cheat because the other person’s physical appearance changes. Maybe they gain weight or their body changes after having children. Others cheat because they’re having a midlife crisis. They want to prove to themselves that someone new will still find them attractive.

How To Prevent Cheating

Communication is always key if you want to stop a partner or spouse from cheating on you. You need to talk about your problems, even the difficult or painful ones. That’s the only way you can hope to grow together instead of drifting apart from one another.

You might need counseling if you don’t feel like you can talk without an intermediary. Certain people aren’t willing to do the hard work that’s sometimes necessary with relationships.

One thing remains true, though: technological advances make cheating easier than ever before. If someone wants to use an app or website to find other partners, whether for physical encounters or emotional intimacy, they can do so.

Pursue Fantasies Together

You might choose to talk to your spouse or partner about exploring a cheating fantasy with them. Maybe that will take away the pleasure that comes with hiding your intentions, but perhaps your spouse or partner might allow you to indulge in this kind of activity if you let them do the same.

If you establish some ground rules, you might use technology to find other partners besides your primary one, and you can still stay together. You have to talk about it as a possibility, though, rather than hiding your affairs from them.

If you bring up the topic with your partner or spouse, and they say they never want to engage in those activities, nor do they want you to do it, you need to respect their wishes. If you tell them that you feel like you need other partners, that might break up the relationship, but at least you told your partner or spouse honestly what you wanted or needed. That is always better than using modern technology to sneak around.


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